Hollywood movies Highest Grossing R-rated film ever: Deadpool
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Highest Grossing R-rated film ever: Deadpool


By Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Deadpool has been declared officially the highest grossing R-rated movie in the world. With over 745 million dollars at the box office, which released last month has surpassed 2003 smash hit ‘The Matrix Reloaded’ of 742.1 million dollars at the box office.



The Ryan Reynolds starrer, which came as a revolution for the superhero films, was loved throughout the world for its wicked humor, the repeated depicture with taunting and the execution and genesis of the scripted characters.

The film got great reviews from critics as well as was widely accepted by the audience throughout the world.
The Tim Miller directorial opened to a 132.4 million for the opening weekend shattering all box office records.

Deadpool became the first R-rated film to cross 100 million dollars at the box office for the first weekend.
R-rated refers to restricted viewership, which strictly advises it to be watchable for specific age group.

The film went to break several more records at the box office, with many being the highest grossing foreign film at many countries.
The most interesting thing which came up with the makers of Deadpool, which stroke gold for them, was taking the superhero genre of films to a whole new level.



Following the steps, would see a next gen array of superhero films coming. Batman v Superman, the other R-rated superhero film, which has already been breaking box office records of all time, it’s a matter of time before it takes on Deadpool off the list.

Though on the other hand, Deadpool was way different that what Batman v Superman is. Deadpool with all that wicked humor, and an unapologetically made with thrust love story (they say), it was inevitable to not watch it and enjoy it. Batman v Superman on the other hand will lose badly on that.

With Deadpool, it will now make Marvel and DC to produce such more superhero R-rated films with such vehement humor and stern coalition.