Hollywood movies Best rooftop bars to best watch from as the city lights up at night.Rooftop Bars with Panaromic Views of Kuala Lumpur.
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Rahul Rawat

 Every guy has heard and experienced a lot about Malaysian's pride Kuala Lumpur famed for its ultra-high urban life and skyline dotted with soaring glass framed skyscrapers glittering with LEDs into the dark night.                                         

 Well; if you are searching for the ultimate Kuala Lumpur fun; herein are the top 7 bars around the capital city to let you and every connoisseur have an unmatched urban adventure while in Kuala Lumpur.Go check in here!

1. Rabbit Hole Bar

            rabbit hole bar

Located in Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and covering an intensive menu of cuisines and erotic drinks mixed with entertaining DJ tracks; this bar provides cozy and happy hours for the visitors in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia                                    

 2. Taps Beer Bar 

       tap beer bar                 

  It is one of the three bar branches in Kuala Lumpur. This bar boasts of serving more than 800 different types of beers to the drinkers. That is why this is a heaven for beer drinkers.                         

3. Pisco Bar 

          pisco bar                         

Combining a bar and restaurant with a Latin influence; Pisco Bar is hit favourite for its thrilling bar setup and intensive drinks list.                             

4. Whisky Bar 

      Whisky Bar                           

 Considered as one of the best bars in Bukit Bintang houses a huge list of drinks covering American, Irish and Japanese labels to make every visiting connoisseur's mood.           

  5. Tom, Dick &Harry 

     tom,dick and harry              

 With a mind capturing private basement themed interiors and outstanding seating area, TDH has turned out as the hangout urban adda for enjoying beer and wine glasses mixed with mood refreshing evening music.   

  6. Twenty One Kitchen & Bar 


At Twenty One; you would find a world class combination of restaurant, bar and a nightclub which serve a big dance floor for the visiting guests.                         

 7. Ceylon Bar

     ceylon bar         

 Themed with Sri Lankan Ceylon Bar; this bar in Bukit Bingtang features an open terrace and downstairs bar serving western and Sri Lankan drinks and mouth watery cuisines.   

So, what’s in your mood guys? We are sure you are definitely spoilt for your choice as each of the above bars has euphoric experience to serve for its crazy and cocktails loving people.