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The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Bangalore


Vishal Aaditya Kundu

A good cup of coffee and some great time is what all of us are really looking for at the end of the day. In the hustle bustle of life, it’s difficult to find quality time. Moreover in a city like Bangalore, people are in deep need of breaks. This is the guide to the best cafes and restaurants in the garden city, so next time your quality time is worth it.

Café Noir

Decorated in an awesome Black and white interior, a great ambience and a delicious menu with a slight pinch of a taste of Europe in all translates this cafe into an European souvenir. Bringing you some tastes from the European land, this place offers some great food with an awesome ambience. One can easily spent hours in there.

The Ants Café

It's not just a cafè, but a in core shop too. Not a normal shop, but a shop with some awesome products. These are specially organic products, or to be specific the home made artistic and ethnic based products, some specially jewellery which are handmade, which are mainly from the North East and some famous rural places in India. Coming to the food, they serve all day breakfast, and boasts some of the lip smacking dishes.

Onesta Café

What could be more amazing than a slice of cheese bursted Italian chicken pizza with some jalapenos on top and a fresh cup of cappuccino. Well this cafe expertises in some good coffee and great pizza. What else one would need? This place would be moreover a haven if you are one of them who loves pizza like anything. To add to your list, the dishes are averagely priced, with a quite and comfortable interior nestled in the tech buzz zone of Koramangala.

Ommade Cafè
Want to spend an evening with some great coffee and exquisite stills. This place offers such great ambience, that it would be hard to explain in a few words. Like something people would cherish. This café is one of the best in Bangalore, among one of my top favourites in the best cafes in the country. A place you can easily relax and enjoy the amazing sunset with some hot chocolate. Don’t forget to take your camera.

Atta Galatta

This cafe offers one my favourite combinations. Like the Food for Thought in Kitab Khana in Mumbai, this place has tried to follow a similar trend, but has added more into the box. Not only a bookstore with some delicious food but some of the enacted plays right there LIVE in front of you! Can that get better? With a great and cozy interior and some great collection of food, they boasts a huge collection of books in several languages. The best in the list.

Boca Grande

Located in Koramangala, this cafe is stocked with loads of board games and other interesting stuff. This cafe will offer you a section where it’s open air, and the rest part of the interior is good too. The ambience is awesome and you can easily spend hours there. The food is lip smacking, which is basically styled mainly on some great tastes from Europe.