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The Best Cafes and Restaurants in Mumbai


Vishal Aaditya Kundu

The city of dreams has one of the best cafes and restaurants in the country. Check onto our list of the best Cafes and Restaurants in Mumbai.

Cafè Mondegar

Located at the centre of Colaba, this convivial cafe has been in service since 1967. This place has a special history when Goan cartoonist Mario Miranda used to paint some his famous colourful murals here on the walls of the cafe. Known affectionately as the Mondy's, this place has mix of a perfect ambience and average priced food. It attracts all type of visitors irrespective of their age.

The Pantry
It is a place where you can spend some quality time with peace. Anyone would love this place for its perfect ambience and interiors. It boasts a all chic and a flavour of Europe in the interiors, this place offers all day breakfasts. The flourless chocolate cake is the famous one here. You will be getting free wifi and its and has comfortable arrangements which will make you visit this place again and again.

The Nutcracker
Located in south Bombay, this place offers some great food, specially the confectionary products and the rest menu too has some great offerings. The prices are a bit on the higher side and the next thing is that it’s completely vegetarian, though have egg items.

Coffee Talk
I don’t know this should be on the list or not. This place is like a college canteen, and even the food are so cheap. Coffee Talk is a small place, has around five tables, but what will attract you is the quiet and miraculous ambiance. This place is best for your long evening coffees conversations. It has this special garden like place, which hits the right chord.

Food for Thought

It has been tucked into Mumbai’s one of the most famous bookstores, the Kitab Khana. It is a small café with a great interior and ambience which has some movie posters printed on canvas prints, some old dark furniture and a warm lighting inside. The place has some great tastes of Europe styled eatery, which has been oozed in with the charm of an old world.

Kala Ghoda Café

It is quite a famous place now, and among one of the famous and exquisite cafes in the country. For you to start with, you will simply fall in love with this place. It has all this very cozy atmosphere built and comfortable arrangements and some warm lighting. It serves some great organic coffee. The coffee they serve have been personally brewed by them from their own plantations in South India.

The Sea Lounge

Located in the iconic, The Taj, in Colaba, this place has an ambience of its own. From upholstery to an amazingly built wooden interior and flooring, it has this soft lighting in right amounts, and the mind blowing view of the Arabian Sea. Just to add to that, some soothing music of piano being played live. The menu hold some delicious Ethiopian Sidamo to the miraculous Aged Malabar Monsoon to exquisite Jamaican Blue Mountain. It packs it in all, with all class and ease.