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Top 7 Exorbitant-Looking Jewellery Brands in Reasonable Price



Jewellery tends to be the hot favourite among the women folk. It not only accessorises the true feminist of your but also adds the right beauty element too!

At times, in fact most of the times buying a jewellery becomes a pricey affair for us.

How would the idea of buying those branded at less expensive price would be? Definitely! That’s a great idea! What say?

Affordable jewellery is definitely everyone’s cup of tea with some of the affordable jewellery brands available in the market.
Let’s move ahead to familiarise you with the top 7 affordable jewellery brands that look incredibly expensive, but will never dent you pocket:-


Offering a huge collection of chic jewellery, Forever21 gives way to all your chic needs in the jewellery segment. Right from looking for a contemporary statement necklace to a classic ring or a classy earring, you can find everything right here and that too under budget. Everything to fit your taste, right from a mirrored bangle set, circle statement neck piece or a Rhinestone filigree ring set starts here from $15.


Anna Bee Jewellery

Anna bee jewellery is another big brand with low price range right from $40 to $250. Specialized in the personalised jewellery segment, these jewellery offers fits the perfect girl in you.


Tai manages the perfect balance of choice of elegant jewellery to maintain both the glamour and sophisticated side of you. Choose from among the Two-tone bar earrings, star-emblazoned ear crawlers, rhinestone cuff rings, etc. to best fit your wardrobe fixes at $65- $70.


If glitzy statement necklaces, gorgeous drop earrings and modern rings are what you need, under the affordable range, then counting on BaubleBar is perfect for you. Introducing around100+ modern and innovative jewellery styles and branding with various celebrities, this is definitely a win-win brand to choose affordable jewellery ranging from $32 to $68.


Gorjana tends to master the art of creating delicate jewellery. Adding to the everyday wear jewellery, dainty stacking rings, ear crawlers and lariat necklaces, they have it all. Match them with your existing wardrobe, without much expenditure on it. Ranging from $50 and above, you get that perfect celebrity look without creating holes in your pocket.

Bing Bang NYC

Choose any of the jewellery pieces from the Bing Bang NYC collection to suit all your occasions, right from casual to formal events. Follow the price range of $30 - $425 for amazing selected collection from the Bing Bang NYC store.


Being the lowest price offered in the branded jewellery segment is the ASOS jewellery that starts at just $5. Choose from any of the glam mismatched earrings to the beautiful artsy statement rings for your perfect wardrobe fixes within your pocket limits.
Choose from any of these branded stores available both online and offline for your perfect reach. Being budget-friendly these will surely open doors to enhance your collection of incredibly expensive looking yet affordable jewellery for you. Adorn yourself with a beautiful jewel and get ready for compliments!