Hollywood movies Is your child having these 9 foods For Enhanced Brain Development?
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Is your child having these 9 foods For Enhanced Brain Development?

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What’s lovely a home can have more than a baby! For those moms caring a baby know how much attention is required at this crucial stage of development. Moreover your baby has to make tremendous learning hence his/her brain functions more during this age.  All you moms wish is that your child may grow with an intelligent brain and healthy body.  It has been scientifically proven; a baby brain neurons development occurs fastest up to age of 3 and keeps on going upto 18 known as ‘Brain Wiring’.  What your child eats during time will influence its cognitive powers and overall growth besides breast feeding which must be continued till baby is at least 1 year old.

 So it’s quite essential to give your child what it needs to develop its brain, strengthen immune system and health. To help you we herein put down the best smooth foods to feed your child; trusted by millions of moms. We, SWG, believe that no childhood can exist without these foods!

 1. Green Leafy Veggies

The first best nutritious food to give your child is absolutely green leafy veggies as these are highly rich in minerals and vitamins needed necessarily for your child. You are right that your child may hate these but you must sneak these to your kid‘s favourite meal. You could add these in sandwich or omelettes.


2. Cereal

Cereal with iron fortified is needed to replenish the iron which declines upto around 5-6 months of age Moreover cereal is so easy to consume for non-teeth babies upto 4-6 months.  The popular choice for this is ‘Kellogg corn flakes cereal’.

 3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal basically made up of oat grains is one of the best for foods for kid’s which is rich is fiber and helps in keeping heart and arteries clear, improves memory  and quite easy moms to make and feed baby.

 4. Turmeric Added Milk

Milk mixed with turmeric proves to be one of the best memory boosting foods and the dual action of milk and turmeric averts brain inflammation, plaque formation and Alzheimer that’s why it’s most widely spice.

 5. Fruit Juice

If your baby tooth are still missing, you could him/her fruit juice in little amount and ensure it’s not very cold as it may cause cold and cough. Popular juice option may be apple juice.

  6. Nuts

Dry fruits and nuts like almond, walnut or cashew nut are those foods which must be essentially added to your kid’s diet.  These nuts provides quite enough protein and essential minerals, keeps brain and nervous system active and make muscle stronger.

7. Yogurt

Rich in vitamin B and key minerals, Yogurt is great food for kid improving functioning and growth of brain nerves. Popular option for this may be ‘Nestle Yogurt’; moreover a little cup added with some strawberry could a yummy and smoothie diet that your child would just say for more!


8. Cherry

These tiny yummy delicious cherries are super foods that may capture every child eye. And just one cup can provide upto 20 mg of calcium.

 9. Honey

Who can’t deny honey? Honey is the best sweety food to temper and arouse the taste bud of your child but as per recent studies honey may cause infant botulism hence avoid giving honey to child until he/she is 12 months old.