Hollywood movies Is Your Kid Watching Too Much TV? 9 Creative Ways To Tackle The Situation
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Is Your Kid Watching Too Much TV? 9 Creative Ways To Tackle The Situation

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‘’Now come on, have your yummy meal. It’s enough turn it off’’? This is what any young mom, says to her kid but your kid is glued to TV for long hours catching its favourite cartoon show. No doubt TV is entertaining ,informative ,favourite pastime of each let alone kids and you wouldn’t want to hamper a kid’s entertainment by turning it off but TV addiction severely affects your kid’s eyesight, makes ignorant towards home-work and studies, stubborn; fighting over remote, and lack of playful activities make kid physically weak which fall kid to diseases. Every mom who wants to tackle this situation , which is making kids psychotic junkies, is really concerned but when you or anyone turn off TV or even tune to other channel, kids start crying and they don’t move a inch from TV screen. Oof!

But we, SWG, know the concern is really big that’s why we put down some sure winning creative and psychological ways that are sure winning for every mom.

1. Plan An Entertaining Time Table; Seek Your Kid’s Consultation

Plan a creative time table with your kids. Judge your kids points of interest and hint them to add for some playful physical activities. This will help you to make your supportive image in kid’s mind.

2. Deal It Calmy, Don’t Count Every Single Minute Strictly

Don’t get annoyed when your kid first disobey the time table, be cool and ldeal with calmly. If you are being strict to your kid would not worsen the situation.

3. Ask Your Kid’s Favourite Shows, Plot TV Viewing Time and Set Study Hours

Sit down calmly with your kid and ask about its favourite shows and ask your kid to plot viewing time with you. Encourage them that they wouldn’t say for remote when you or someone watching TV and during their viewing tell them you wouldn’t hamper their entertainment.

4. Provide Alternatives, Go Out To Lawn For Physical Games With Your Kid

Every kid loves playing. Go out with your kids to play with them in your lawn or encourage kid to play his/her friends. You should encourage them for some cycling, football, cricket or jumping or you could get enrolled in stadium. 


5. Set A Good Example; Reduce Your TV Watching Hours

You yourself have to reduce your time viewing timing so that your kid shouldn’t feel that you being elder see more TV and stopping them to view equally.

6. Make Frequent Outdoors

Make some outdoor frequently like going to sea beach, making sand castle with your kid or you may go to any nearby historical or entertaining spot.


7. Don’t Fix Your TV In Your Bedroom

You should n’t fix your TV in your bedroom. Bedroom is for peace, rest and gentle play. Better if fix your TV in airy room with windows open to your greeny lawns and slides.

8. Don’t Have TV In Your Car

You are going on outdoor picnic through beautiful terrains and your kid is still soaked in TV. It’s not his/her but for the sake of getting rid of your kid addition, you shouldn’t have TV in your car

9. Remind Kid TV Reduction Plan, Give Kid Lot Of Affection and Reward

Remind him/her for timetable whenever it’s disobedience but don’t be so strict. And most importantly reward you kid for his/her great conduct impartially.

In a short time, you would see things working to win over your excess TV watching addiction of your star of eyes! All The Best Moms!!