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Top Five Revlon Vintage Lipsticks


Sehba Jalal

“Darling, will you please hand me, my purse ? “
No girl can ever say this without spectacularly stunning and ultimate beautification of lips…
All over the years, numerous big brands have tried to fulfil the sky touching demands of lipsticks, but there is one such brand that stands out, of the queue.

Undoubtedly, Revlon is one of the most celebrated Makeup brand, desired by Makeup lovers. For those who yearn for true Natural looking lips embellished with high quality hues, Revlon is the inevitable choice. The shades that you have been searching for your life, are here, highly versatile and most unusual.
So here we present a run down, of one of the finest vintage lipsticks showcased by Revlon.

Vintage Revlon Toast of New York
• This vintage lipstick shall surely make you the talk of the town, as you step out in front of people. It is popular ever since Nineties, as it was worn by Cindy Crawford, an American model and  film star.
• The appealing brown colour, evidently helps you in standing out of the throng. The price of this lipstick, shows its high class and immoderate Status.

Revlon Wine with Everything
•  As itself indicated by the name, this vintage lipstick has everything – the colour, the shine, the style, almost everything. The best part is that it suits all skin types and blends ultimately with all skin complexions.
•  It is paramountly popular because of the exciting fact that it embellishes exemplarily on women, of all ages. An icing on the cake is that it has less price, so that it is easily accessible to all the fan following, making it a Cult Classic Trendy Tradition from a couple of years.

Revlon Rum Raisin
•  It has been the go to choice of the vintage Revlon Lipsticks, since 1990’s. This shade has been peculiarly popular among adolescents and also among women with wheatish  complexion.
•    Numberless charming and modish celebrities  have loved to slather on shades like this. The whole brown lips suit almost all wheatish skin tones a lot better than the other skin tones.
•  Also the high Quality Ingredients used, give an additional gratification to this product.

Revlon Fire and Ice
•  Nothing more, Nothing less, just absolute Red. Unequivocally faultless for brides, and for those who choose to be the sensational centre of attraction, in any social get together, Marriage Occasions or a glamour Night Party.
•  If you have the right skin tone, than this shade acts as an ending to your hunt.
•  It gives you a bold and a confident look thus adding on stars, to your shoulders

Revlon Kiss Me coral
•  The most inquisitive part of any vanity box is her lipstick collection and Revlon Kiss Me Coral is an up to the minute addition, to your collection. It is neither too red, nor too orange. So it is an ideal choice, for a regular day.
•  The true Coral shade makes it the right selection, even without adding on, any other makeup. It is Creamy in the needed quantity – neither more, neither less. Thus making it an instant, pick me up, along with being a super lustrous type.
•  Adding as a silver lining in the dark sky, the pocket friendly price of 'Kiss Me Coral' is a blessing for all….

Thanks to Revlon !!!!
For shining and helping us shine, too.