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Top 10 Apps Your Phone Should Have?


By Vishal Aaditya Kundu

 We waste our data over useless apps and boggle our phone storage and never use them. Your smartphone is not at all smart. Stylewithglamour brings out the best of your phone, the must-have apps!






Well its 21st century and its not possible for you to carry your stuff everywhere. Well I mean electronic media stuff, not the  other one. Dropbox is the home for all your videos, songs, media, documents and any files, yes ANY!  You drop it at your desktop and its already in your tab  and phone. You surf your stuff from anywhere. Its  free  and the easy-to-use. Now get your desktop-presentations at your cell and your Tab-PDFs  on your desktop!







Still checking your mails on your Gmail app. Say bye to it, because now get a pre-connected multi-account mail holder.  Didnt get it?  Now have a Gmail-Yahoo-Rediff-Outlook-BlaBlaBla multi e-mail accounts synced at one. We all know we dont have a only single email account (if you do, may god bless you).  So forget your old messed up e-mail accounts, because the solution is here - CloudMagic!     







Do you note? If yes, then you are the man most women are looking for!  A Man-of-Words  is known for doing things on time, and how does he do that. By Noting. Everything. Important. Well we know that its boring and difficult (not difficult actually), Evernote has made it easy to-do everytime. Noting down stuff to making reminders  to organizing to archiving. All at one stop.

Office Apps




To school projects to college submissions to office presentations. Yes, the answer to all is Office. Microsoft