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10 Cool Manicure Designs For Hot Summery Days!

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Well it’s the long and bright hot days, and the devil sun is chasing us everywhere. Nevertheless summer has its own cool fun; the scarf on heads, colured big sparkling google on face, shorts and t-shirt getup and the ecstasy of cool ice-cream and cold drinks and who can skip the refreshing pool dives one experience unmatchable only this season. People are free and flocking at the tourist destinations to chill and hack these long summer days.

Are you ladies willing to stepping out of your home and love the fun of manicuring. If your reply is big yes, do check and embrace this cool and bold manicure designs to beat the heat with cool your styled nails.

1. Gold Strip

Gold is bold. A simple nude manicure look with a bright strip of gold is the elegant and cool nail art you must embrace this season. You could put in this to your some of nails or simply one or two as it suits you.

2. Matte Finish Coating

Matte finish pattern is still in trend and render a mature look. Different versions of this style are in fashion and gaining much popularity among all fashionista ladies.

3. Large Rhinestones

Large rhinestones pattern is essentially nails decorated with big sparkling crystals and proved a head turner recently at Fashion Week at New York, USA

4. Pop Art

Quite new experiment with nail art that was witnesses at Fashion Week in NY, this pop art style is too cute and catchy at the very first glance. You can put in hearts, exclamation marks and tiny emoji to express your mood.

5 .Cube

The one suggested by manicure fame Alicia Torello suggested this cubism nail art fashion to be adopted by all lovely ladies during this season. Are you going to deny her suggestion? Probably never!

6. Mixed Manicure

The idea of combing various colours and shades with neutral nude pattern is surely fascinating idea for all fans of bright colours.

7. Mixed Designs

Putting on mixed patterns and designs with different freely invented textures is sure way to have fun with the manicuring and expressing your style with more liberty and experimentations.

8. Graphic Manicure

Well this manicure design gained a lot more popularity last year but these graphic and random geometric patterns are going to continue their popularity this season too again.

9. French Manicure

As you all know, French manicure is one of the bold and simplistic nail art pattern and widely recommended by the stylist and fashion experts that essentially involves the use of bright and bold shades.

10. Eco Style

Eco style is not just limited to green interior designing rather it has made its way to eco-style nail arts unexpectedly. In tune with this hot season and as nature lover, you could print realistically looking tiny green leaves, flowers, creepers and trees.