Hollywood movies 10 Easy-to-Get Awesome Tools for Beautiful Nail Art Dotting.
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10 Easy-to-Get Awesome Tools for Beautiful Nail Art Dotting.

Nail Art

Sehba Jalal

Nair art is a cool, trendy and easy way to make your mails look attractive and glamorous. Has nail art ever inspired you? Have you ever thought of doing it yourself?

If yes! Let’s make it easy with few simple yet highly effective indoor ingredients that will help you decorate your nails in the perfect dotted patterns. The best thing about dotted nail art is that they go pretty well with every type of attire you carry.

In fact, getting those perfectly polished nail arts is not that difficult as it appears!

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s take a look at these 10 simple tools you can use for mail art dotting, you can find mostly with you:-

1.    Match Sticks

Grab few of those match sticks from the matchboxes lying in the kitchen to form a quite appealing nail art pattern. You can use either of the sides for rounded dot or the unique square dots.

2.    Hair Pins

Yes! Pick those hair pins in your vanity for a highly customized and attractive nail art dotting designs by dipping the tip of the pin in your favourite colour bottle.

3.    Tooth Picks

Use the either sides of the toothpicks from your home tools book for attractive small dots that could be in lined in a circle for a professional nail art designs like- floral dots, parallel designs and many more.

4.    Ball pens

The tip of your ball pen can help you with clean, miniature dots on your nails.

5.    All pins

Both fancy and simple all pins can be highly useful as a fantastic nail art dotting tool using the back end of the pins. You can very well get the dot patterns of varied sizes using them.

6.    Safety Pins

Safety pins can be another fantastic nail art dotting tool by stretching both its ends wide apart. Using the pointed tip, you can very easily create those ultra small dots.

7.    Sewing Needles

The needles that you have been using for stitching can be a magnificent dotting tool for nail art. Use both the ends of your needle for those designer dot patterns in the form of nail art on your nails.

8.    Paint Brush

Your paint brushes have always been your companion for all your art projects and makeup, and will also help a lot in getting those larger dots on your nails.

9.    Fancy earrings

If you think this is funny, DIY this trick for the visible results. Small fancy earrings with pointed ends can also be used for clean dot patterns. Some of the earrings in the form of small pearls can also be used for smaller dots, along with rounded earrings for exceptional dotted nail art patterns.

10.    Pencils

Your sharpened pencil is not just your sketch tool, but can be well used as a multipurpose tool for even creative nail art dotting designs. Keeping the tip pointed, round or blunt, you can get the dot of your type- small, medium sized to bigger dots.

Don’t wait! Just grab your tool now for any of those nails arts you had wished to try yourself!