Hollywood movies Get Glossy Metal Mirrored Nails. A New Trend To Follow.
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Get Glossy Metal Mirrored Nails. A New Trend To Follow.


Swati Tewari


If you are an Instagram addict and prefer your nails to be perfectly manicured at the same time, you probably already know what I am talking about. The latest trend to take Instagram by storm is none but mirrored nail polishes. This new trend is more edgy, bolder and definitely badass.

In an age where social media decides everything, while we were still obsessing over black lipsticks and spray on nail polishes, here comes something completely unique – mirror nail polishes, with their extreme opacity.

Mirror nails or chrome nails are mostly metallic shades that reflect light and give a mirror like finish to the nail. Unlike other forms of nail art that have intricate detailing, this look is easier to get and maintain while giving you those ultra glam and bold nails. This art form makes your nails look dressy instantly so you don't essentially need any accessories to highlight the fingers.

While the preferred colour is silver for its shine and metallic finish, other shades that have become insanely popular are dark green, smokey blue, golden and jet black. Companies like Born Pretty came up with this idea first and have launched manicure sets that contain base coat, the nail varnish and the top coat for the perfect mirror finish. This set makes it easier to achieve the look at home.  Take a look at what Born Pretty has to offer: 

Born Pretty Mirror Nail Polish And Base Coat - Set Of 2

This is pure love. A perfect shade3 of silver with an amazing mirror finish along with the unique base coat that prepares the nails for the colour - this set of two is all that you need for that perfectly manicured mirror nail. The finish is so incredible you can literally see reflections on the nails.
Other than Born Pretty there are a few other products available too that give the mirror effect.

Essie Nail Polish In Nothing Else Metals

Who would have though that soft lavender would end up looking so chic? This nail colour gives a luxe finish to the nails and is the perfect product for the first timers who wish to try to get the finish at home. Do not forget to apply top coat.

Mia Secret Chrome Mirror Nail Liquid

This is again a set of 2 - the chrome liquid and the UV protection top coat for that perfect finish. You just need to clean the nails and apply a base coat neatly. The chrome liquid is thinner that your usual nail paint yet you apply it like a regular nail polish. Just apply 2-3 coats and let it dry before topping it off with the top coat. The top coat however reduces the shine so use just one layer. 
However, be warned: the websites say that the nail polish dries very quickly and lasts only 1-2 days. So while you can still put up a picture on Instagram, it might not make it to the weekend. Additionally, any kind of lump can show through, so be careful while applying the base coat and ensure that it is absolutely flawless before you apply the chrome nail polish.