Hollywood movies Match the Best Essie Nail Polishes with Your Skin.
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Match the Best Essie Nail Polishes with Your Skin.


Sehba Jalal

Shopping for nail polish  can be a difficult job when adjoined with the fashion statement with your flaunting nails. There can be two major choices –either to look through the multiple colour options and choose the best one or to grab the first ever nail paint that touches your fingers.  Essie polishes give the perfect way to stylish and trendy options from the beautiful colour options to choose from. Anyways, finding the right nail shade you would love and admire can be difficult with endless colour options to choose.

Essie- the most  salon pro popular brand has taken up in the trend of nail polish choices among the colour lovers. Gaining a consumer favourite brand name it has a huge range of colour options to match your style and wardrobe choices. Looking through these massive collections of colour selection options, finding the right nail paint for a perfect nail art can be difficult, if you do not understand the perfect skin tone suitability with colour.

Mentioned below are some of the perfect and equally awesome manicurists’ friendly colour offerings to begin your day in style and complete fashion:-

Choose from the rocking colour options right from the everyday nudes and sallow pinks to the most exciting colour bright to exhibit your boldness and beauty:-

Colours bright to suit your fair skin tones
Fair tones become even remarkable with the choice of the best bright hue that well matches with your fair skin tone. Pretty bright red maybe brighter than you have thought of but it looks equally classic and gives a perfect bold beauty to any attire your wear.

Another shade that well goes with anything you wear on your fair skin tone is the timeless mahogany wine colour that well goes with your wardrobe carry out. This is among a good to go dark shade that perfectly puts a glow on your fair skin tone.

Colour bright to suit your Medium Skin Tones

The seamless sky blue hue gives the ultimate spring tone to every finger with a medium skin tone. Going great with your hands and toes this pretty perfect choice for archetypal medium toned skin.

Shade of white or ivory hue is a surprisingly tricky way to make a perfect choice for colouring your nails with either a semi-sheer to a higher opaque coverage as per your occasion.

Colour bright to suit your Dark Skin Tones

Dark skin tones need a very peculiar colour choice that makes a perfect nail wear for them. Choose from the brand-new colour of super-bright purple or the neon lavender that will definitely constitute the perfect nail shade for your wardrobe mixes and fixes. 

Both these on-trend colours make the right wear for the colour love for dark skin tones. Use it after all your pedicure sessions and even for a perfect nail art, as well.

With these colour choices and trend setup, finding the right colour hue for your picture perfect skin tone visibility gets easy! So take your pick and flaunt your amazing nails!