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Latest Beauty Products Fashion World Is Buzzing Over



With new year comes new charm, new targets, new zeal etc. And above all every one looks forward for the latest beauty products to come. Well, it’s already the second month of the year and everybody knows here starts the week of romance- the Rose Day, the Chocolate Day and Valentine Day. So, here we, SWG, enlist the top luxurious beauty products for your perfect eye-shadow palettes to lip palettes that would define your 2017!

Huda Beauty Eye Liner

Unleashed last year by the beauty sensation and social media phenomenon Huda Katten as her beauty line products to be exclusively sold at Sephora. As soon as the products hit the stores, the fashion freaks and beauty world went insane for her matte lipsticks, false eyelashes and above all the rose gold eye palettes.

To expect from her products would be all about glitz and glamour, each of the products is highly characterized by the sense of high quality and unmatched. Certainly girls can’t deny to pay attention.

Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter

Last winter Stila Heaven presented star light and Star Bright Highlighting Palettes which features spell bound three silky highlighters. These three highlighters include Transcendence (Opalescent Pink), Kitten (Champagne Nude) and Bronze (Shimmery Gold). And you could buy any one of three you like individually. Cool thing is its little dose goes a long.

Considering the prices, each highlighter would cost USD 32(approx Rs 2100) and with just USD 7 more you could purchase Star Light and Star Bright that features all three shades.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Lip Palette No 1

Touted as the most-hyped beauty product launch of 2017, Anastasia has sparked it once again in the fashion world. This product features 18 different palettes that feature highly pigmented shades and cool is that it comes with a dual ended brush and a mixing cup allowing you to mix different shades for creating endless shades. Well, it’s actually yet to see whether it would live upto its hype but certainly it has gathered much lime light.

Kylie Cosmetics’ Royal Peach Palette

One thing that needs attention about this one Kylie’s product is its unique royal blue shade. It’s totally never before seen like this and much unexpected. Out of its all 12 shades, this blue is certainly the bang. So clearly for Kylie cosmetics, this one could be the desirable collection.

Urban Decay X Ultra Nocturnal Shadow Box

The nocturnal shadow box features 12 highly pigmented shades that are ideal for all skin tones and textures. Well, with lot of the big banged palettes that were unleashed by the Nocturnal Shadow, this one has high expectations to live up to the reputation. As you might think, this one product is just for night; well frankly speaking it is ideal as day-night transition.

Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth Palette

In the 2016 end, Kat Von D launched Alchemist Holographic Palette, the high end eye-catching highlighter. The newly Goth Palette features eight matte pastel shades that was recently launched recently at Sephora on 12 Jan and at stores on 27 Jan. Beauty world is buzzing over this product but one thing is certain, the formula is not going to disappoint.

So, what is your pick ladies for your ‘17 style statement??