Hollywood movies Lavender And Sage Hair Oil Review.
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Lavender And Sage Hair Oil Review.


By Kiran Mehra

We all know the importance of a good hair oil but those who does not know, let me tell you a hair oil provides all the essential nutrients to your hair, nurture them, makes root strong and keeps your hair
healthy. A hair oil is a must but it should be a good one which can assure you to keep your hair strong. I recently used this Lavender And Sage Hair Oil from JUICY CHEMISTRY.


Juicy chemistry bring you the right mix of foods to nourish your skin by embracing the simple yet effective properties of the ingredients. Products are obtained in its purest form, without any preservatives,
additives, synthetic oils, or perfumes is at the heart of Juicy Chemistry.

Their unique formulations are designed in house and every ingredient earns its place to achieve a specific result. They carefully mix their ingredients in precise quantities and make products in small-batches
to ensure maximum effective shelf-life. Each product is handcrafted with the finest local produce and organic essential oils, to make your Juicy Chemistry experience a sheer indulgence!

Looking for a one-stop solution for all your hair problems? This sweet-scented hair oil brings together a bouquet of essential oils such as lavender, sage, cedarwood, bergamot, peppermint, and rosemary mixed into a base of castor oil, cold-pressed almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and Vitamin E. Into this goes a pinch of dried herbs such as rosemary, lavender, mint, and sage. Use this magical elixir on your tresses and watch it undergo a Rapunzel-like transformation!

Massage gently into the scalp. Leave it to work its magic for an hour before washing off. You may warm it slightly if you wish.

I like oiling my hair a lot. I oil my hair once a week to keep them protected. Firstly, I found their name really very interesting and unique  Now moving ahead, I also liked the aroma of this hair oil. You can easily make out from its smell how natural it is. I absolutely love natural products which are free of all the artiifcial and harmful things so it surely gets in my good books for being a natural product  I massaged the hair oil on my scalp 2 hours before washing them( I did not heat it but heating is beneficial so you can go ahead and heat it for better results) It did not took me long or I didn’t struggle to remove the oil while washing my hair (yayy!) , it’ll go away in just a wash and that too with a normal shampoo (not too strong). I could Smell the fragrance of the hair oil even after washing my hair, now it might not be a good point for some of you but for me it is a good point as i liked its smell. It justifies what it claims to a great extent. It made my hair much silky and soft. I’m currently liking this a lot and all credit goes to juicy chemistry and I’d definitely give them a 4 out of 5.