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Top Indian Chefs, Who Are Making The Country Pride.


Agamoni Das

“A Chef must think like a scientist, organise like an accountant, plate like an artist and cook like grandma”, well, someone has rightly said it.

Days have gone when there was a myth that cooking is only women’s concern. It’s neither anything girly nor a girl’s cup of tea only. Even in a typical Indian family there is at least one guy, who can cook well. And apart from all of these, there are people who are making India proud with their cooking skill. Well, today we are going to celebrate those people, those ‘Chefs’.  Come join us –



  • He is not only a famous Chef in India but also in abroad.
  • In January 2011, he launched his own ‘FOOD FOOD’ channel.
  • He has been the ‘Best Executive Chef of India’ and also got the award ‘Padma Shri’ last year.
  • Kapoor is the Author of various cook books, in which he has given some simplest but amazing tricks about cooking. 



  • Starting from his grandma’s kitchen in Amritsar, he worked with many famous Chefs and now he has his own restaurant called ‘Junoon’ in New York. He prepared dinner for the US President Barack Obama as well.
  • He wrote the cook books named ‘The Spice Story of India’ and ‘Present Day Indian Cooking’.
  • Khanna was honoured by the title ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ and the ‘Hottest Chef of America’ by people magazine.



  • Ranveer is one of the youngest Chefs in India and achieved a lot within a very short period. He is one of those few people who worked with a five-star, as official culinary expert at the age of 25.
  • Now, he is in Novotel, Mumbai as the senior culinary expert. He supervises Dosa factory and Shalimar in Cambridge as well. 
  • He has been in a lot of cooking shows and featured among the top 50 Chefs in the Indian Culinary Forum Book.



  •  He is an Indian celebrity Chef and a restaurateur as well.
  • This Chef has been recognized by the Government of India.
  • He hosted many TV Shows and he wrote variety of cook books.



  • Thumma is mostly known as ‘Vas-Chef’ and very popular face in social media.
  • In 2007 he came up with his online recipes channel on you tube.
  • This Chef is also popular for his cooking website ‘Vahrehvah.com’




  • Vineet awarded as a ‘Michelin Star’ for the first Indian Chef proprietor on 2001.
  • He has been in the Oberoi Hotel and prepared different dishes in distinctive style.
  • He invented his cooking in a clear flavour, gimmick free way.



  • She passed away in 2013, but when discussing about Best Indian Chefs, you can’t ignore the name Tarla Dalal.
  • She used to host cooking classes at her home. She also ran largest Indian food website.
  • She has penned more than 100 cook books and recognized as one of the best selling cook book authors. 



  • This British based Chef got a ‘Michelin Star’ at the age of 31, awarded in Benares restaurant in London in 2007.
  • He has launched his own TV show ‘Atul’s Spice Kitchen’.
  • He is a regular guest in BBC’S Saturday kitchen.



  • She is an actress and a Chef too.
  • This lady, who often referred to as the ‘Queen of Culinary’, is the food consultant at ‘Dawat’ in New York.
  • She has written more than 15 cook books.



  • First, Saransh won the competition on ‘Food Maha Challenge’, and then earned the title ‘India Ka Super Chef’.
  • Now he is one of the best Indian Chefs with a huge experience.



  • This Chef is the co-owner of the popular Italian restaurant ‘Diva’ in Delhi, formed in 2000. There are other restaurants called ‘Latitude 28’ and ‘Cafe Diva’.
  • She has been the host of cooking shows and published her own cook book.



  • She runs her Culinary Academy in New Delhi and launched her restaurant named ‘Kelong’ at Sarbha Nagar in Ludhiana.
  • she has been known as ‘Cooking Expert’ and ‘Nutrition Expert’ for her contribution.
  • She has been judge in several cooking shows and penned more than 400 cook books.



  • He has been renowned for his famous epicurean style in North America.
  • He is not only and Indian Chef but also a restaurateur, author and famous Indian food and culinary consultant.
  • Hari led America’s first ice cream patisserie, ‘Halo FATE’ in Princeton, New Jersey.


  • Anjum is famous British Indian food writer and TV Chef of Indian cuisine.
  • She has her own restaurant named ‘Gaggan’.