Hollywood movies 10 Gorgeous Messy Buns You Can’t Ignore Without Giving A Try
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10 Gorgeous Messy Buns You Can’t Ignore Without Giving A Try

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Hair Buns brings on gorgeous, cute and pranky look to our personality. Is n’t it?  Whether you need to put on a gorgeous wedding bun or just to experiment with your hairstyle to add on different looks with different buns, herein we brings on the latest buzzing buns and updo looks and some of the buns makeup trend that biggest Hollywood divas like Salena Gomez and Julianne Hough’s put on to spark ignition and turn heads at all events.


1. Loose Bun

The pretty loose messy bun is just so gorgeous! This loose bun and hair add on more charm to your face. To dress your hair this way, make a centre part and comb your hair sideway into a loose and messy bun and let it stay at back of your neck and don’t forget to wear the classic ear rings to add impeccable glamour.


2. Wavy Bun


Next one is Wavy Bun and to replicate this look, apply some mousse to damp hair and dry blow to cause some volume at hair roots. Second take a curling tong and curl your hair into small sections. After the curls turn cool, break these with your fingers and finally spritz a texturiser to complete the look.

3. Blunt Bangs

Of course the mix of messy bun and fringed bangs gives style a dose of spirit and coolness.  This one is look the celebrity Zooey Deschanel has sparked and this is why everybody wishes to replicate her blunt bangs look.

4. Teased Updo

To go this impressive messy look , start with teasing your hair by brushing them backward until bouffant. Then comb all your hair backward and tie them into a messy pony tail. Take hold of the pony, twist it with an elastic rubber band and secure with bobby pins and get ready for the all big fancy events.

5. Messy Bun

Indeed the best thing about the messy bun is that it is one of the versatile bun looks suited for every occasion, the loose sweep and side part makes this look gorgeous and elegant.

6. Braided Low Bun

Braided low bun is subtle and effortless. To put on this look, simply create a side part and comb all your hair into a ponytail and begin braiding and wrap the braid with elastic to create a bun.

7. Voluminous Updo

For put on this look, buzzing celebrity Miley Cyrus is the best one to replicate. This voluminous updo create full and thick appearance to your hair turning them to look like voluminous. To do this look, simply pull your hair back from your face and twist them a bit and give some misting light hairspray for extra volume.

8. Tousled Updo

A gorgeous face framer updo! Tousled updo with hair band this tousled updo of Julianne could be perfectly replicate by pulling your hair into a loose ponytail and securing it with elastic. After this twist and wrap your hair into a messy bun and we bet you wouldn’t avoid to give it a chance.

9. Bun With Curls

If you are a lady with wavy hair then this style is absolutely best for you and is perfectly replicated with plenty of wavy hair to put in your naturally stylish locks into bun. The best icon to be followed for this stylish is undoubtedly fame Taylor Swift.

10. Top Knot

Bored of top knot? Then you need to add some volume on the loose topknot like the star Vanessa Hudgens has gone with. To create this just simply gather your hair into a pony tail and make a top pony tail on your head. And best thing about this bun look is that it could be worn everywhere casual one or at an event party.