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Skin Care

By Style_Glamour

Summers are full of pleasures like wearing skirts, shorts , drinking cold drinks , mocktails etc.But with summers make up starts melting, isn`t it? All Divas are unable to handle sneared eyeliner, sticky lipstick etc, making make up unbearable.


Since the temperature is on constant rise, we provide you Beauty Care Tips for all girls so that they can combat the ill effects of summers on their skin, Below are the Tips, just have a look-




* First is obviously the most known and the most common tip is the proper CTMP Routine ( Cleansing , Toning , Moisturizing and Protection).Start your day by cleansing your face with a nice fash wash, followed by Toning with a toner , a cucumber and mint toner is one of the best toner to apply during summers.Then apply a gel based moisturiser to moisturize your skin.Follow the routine and apply sunscreen above SPF 30 and PA+++ to pamper your skin.

* Make up melts not just because of heat and sweat , but because of oil.Your skin produces more oil in the summer months , so be sure you grab an oil preventing cleanser and blot before you apply.


* Try and use clay mask once a week to reduce your skin`s oil production.


* During hot season , choose lighter versions of foundations or light textured bases as your make up base.Swap your regular foundation with a mousse or a mattyfying souffle to provide a mersmerising glow on the face , while not make it appearing too oily or greasy.


* Don`t miss out to prime you peepers with a good quality eye - primer to prevent sweating and eventually turn the eye do long lasting, in weather of warmth.


* If you find your face is excessively smeary during summers, keep enough blotting papers handy to blot off all the extra shine from your face.


* If you are applying make up , priming is important too, in summers.Choose any of the mattifying gel based primers to turn the make up long lasting and skin emerge shine free all day long.



* Test a Mascara in the shower to see how it holds up to hot water.If it passes , you`re good to go to summer heat.



* Choose Red , Orange etc lip shades for a soft finish and apply a plumper .This will make these colours more prominent and also endow your pout with a soft , plump and velvety look.


So enjoy both Make up and summers and enhance your style & Glamour with us.