Hollywood movies Vaseline – the best eye Makeup remover
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Vaseline – the best eye Makeup remover

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The sparkle of your smile…

The Twinkle of your eyes…

The glow of your face…

All light up your life…

Your eyes are a door to your dream world, a portal to your heart and soul.

They say much more than your mouth.

They are sharper than a sword.

They are faster than light.

They are louder than a thunderstorm.

They are brighter than sunlight.

They are the best judge.

They are heavenly abode.

They are beautiful…

And on top of everything, ladies apply Makeup on their eyes, which is as identical as applying self confidence to their face.

Significance of Makeup

Makeup is not a mask. It is an artistry. It is a passion, an expression, it is a female’s style and status. At times we apply Makeup on our eyes to beautify them, but then we tend to forget that, the removal of Makeup from our skin is equally essential… In fact Makeup removal should be an important part of our daily skin care routine.

Why Removing Makeup is Essential?

Makeup or cosmetic products often include chemicals that may harm the skin extensively, if not removed on time. It may cause irritation, acne, pimples, and may even move the skin towards the pit of aging. Special attention has to be paid to the delicate eyes. The Stubborn Eyeliner and mascara has to be removed, very especially before you go to bed and for this you keep on rubbing your eyes constantly and harshly, forgetting their delicasy.

Therefore there is a quintessential solution to this problem. A name that is often heard but most of the time ignored- ‘Vaseline'

Vaseline – A Great Makeup Remover

Yes! Many of us, do not know an incredibly true fact, that Vaseline can be used as a great Makeup remover.

It helps in retaining body moisture because it is a mixture of various waxes, Aloe Vera and cocoa Butter, that lays magical lustrous impact on your skin. Right from sparkling your lips, to shaping your disruptive eyebrows and eyelashes, it works best for women, who want to look conspicuous.

Vaseline not just removes eye Makeup nimbly and fluently, it even helps in hydrating your skin in least possible time and effort.

The optimal part is that it is not expensive and easily affordable. Therefore it should be the voice and choice of all because in such a low price, it dampens, softens and tranquils your skin astonishingly, helping you, in getting rid of all eye blemishes, if any.

It would thus be no eye opener, if everyone gets astray in your prepossessing eyes. Vaseline intercepts aging and perpetuates moisture, of your skin and your eyes.

Eyes without beautiful eyelashes are like, cake without icing. Glamourous eyelashes will be a blink away. All you need to do is, smear Vaseline in your eyelashes per diem.

Vaseline removes almost all eye Makeup straightforwardly. It can even remove Waterproof Makeup, that almost sticks tight to the skin. It gives a magical look if applied to the eyelids and highlights your eyes. With absolutely low cost and no side effects, Vaseline is an ideal Makeup remover.

Vaseline has many other uses as well like healing of cuts, Burns and for nourishing dry, sun baked and sensitive skin and lips.

It emphasizes more on natural beauty, therefore it is a natural boon for eye Makeup lovers.

So join hands with Vaseline and groom your body, in the best way you can.