Hollywood movies The Indian team was greeted and appreciated by the crowd for their sporting manner.India qualified for the World Cup only once, by default in 1950 when all of its scheduled opponents withdrew
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Why India Will Never Qualify For FIFA World Cup? The Untold Story


Vishal Aaditya Kundu
FIFA World Cup is on, and we are set to enter the knock-out stages soon. Talking of football in India, the sport is quite popular in the country. May be not as popular as cricket, but the country a lot of supporters supporting some big clubs from around the world.
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Be it Real Madrid or Barcelona or some big English clubs like Manchester United, Arsenal or Liverpool, India has a huge number of supporters of these famous football clubs.

India has its own popular football club teams, and football leagues like Indian Super League and I-League.

Today in this article we are going to discuss how famous football is in a cricket-crazy nation like India. With over a massive population of 1.2 billion, how many people are actually watching the 2018 Russia World Cup in India.
Before we jump into the present world cup, we have the stats of Indian viewership from 2010 and 2014 Football world cups as well.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup, which took place in South Africa, reached a combined total of 44.9 million viewers in India, according to a FIFA television audience report.

Now coming to the 2014 World Cup from Brazil, which had Germany as its winner, had over 62 million viewers who watched the sporting event live from India.

If compared to the global viewership, the 2014 World Cup had 3.2 billion viewers from all around the world.

And that’s a lot for a global population of 6 billion. You now hopefully have an idea how popular football actually is all over the world.
Let's talk about the present world cup in Russia now. This year, we have broken some big records in terms of viewership and watch time. Thanks to Reliance Jio and cheaper data plans, India has already crossed 47 million viewership in just first 4 matches only.

We have already crossed over 50 million viewers, and we are still left with a lot of footballing action. The knockout stage will start with Round of 16 from June 30, and expect more millions of viewers from the country to join the greatest sporting action live.

Coming to our own football national team, the statistics are very different. The supporters in India have a very different mindset for the same game in India, who they support outside the country. India has massive craze for football, and we need to show the same support for the football in India.

Indian football is at a very critical stage, and we need to help the beautiful sport grow in India.

Recently, Sunil Chhetri came out with a video on social media, which later went viral, where he pleaded football fans to come and support the national football team.
We can keep criticizing how bad Indian football is, but we need to support football in India as we support our much beloved cricket.

Its us who can help Indian football reach newer heights. You never know, we may actually qualify for the next one!