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Jolly LL.B 2 Review: Mi’ Lord It’s A Must Watch, Akshay Nails This Court room Drama!


It finally came out yesterday! A sequel to the Arshad Warsi 2013 sleeper hit Jolly LL.B, Akshay Kumar Jolly LL.B 2 hits the box-office on filmy Friday. Again the maker features the same theme of court-room drama, the humor that goes with common man’s plights and a razor sharp satire on the loopholes in the Indian legal system.

Raees or Kaabil? What’s your Take this Republic Day? First Reviews

jyoti kumari

It has been a silent cold war going on between the two big Bollywood Stars (probably happen to be one of the best friends) since the announcement of the date of the release of his upcoming action packed drama Raees, and clashing it with Kaabil.