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7 Of The Best Breath Taking Ideas To Highlight Your Caramel


Caramel, well who on this planet is not fascinated and sensualised by just mere name of it! That dripping caramel out of dark delicious chocolate bar is just fascinating. Now imagine realize pretty ladies the same caramel shade to adorn your beautiful hair and locks to feel like medieval era gorgeous princess. Caramel literally is something that breathtaking shade lying between golden and brown. We, SWG, showcase 7 of the best and breath- taking shades to reclaim a gorgeous princess in each of you girls!

High Lift Hair Colour- What Is It & How It’s Different From Bleaching?

Rahul Rawat

Well, who among us not love to blonde hair platinum or light? Most of you might voice for bleaching the hair to get your fantasy hair colour. But evil here is; it’s widely known that bleaching damages your natural hair texture and strength.