Hollywood movies The 20 Gadgets that will change your World in 2017.
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The 20 Gadgets that will change your World in 2017.



The world is evolving, so is the technology. Though at quite a faster rate. The picks from the technology section, which will soon be changing your world in 2017.


1. Nanoleaf Aurora
This device will disappear in its surroundings. The lights connected on any of the edge, which will create funky lights and you can watch films. Crazy stuff!


2. Immersit
Now enjoy all virtual world high adrenaline stuff like car chase or a roller coaster ride from your home. The device will vibrate, lift and rock your sofa synchronized with the games and films.


3. Sensorwake
You smell coffee, and the nose will twitch. Like that, mint or money and coffee will wake you up.


4. Sevenhugs' Smart Remote
We are all tired of controlling each electronic device with a specific remote. Now forget that stuff. Now you can control everything with one.

5. Parrot Disco
With a camera in front, you get to fly your camera like an aeroplane. That sounds freaking awesome.


6. LG Signature refrigerator
It has an automated open and close feature if it senses that someone is standing near it. Plus if you knock, a light will turn on.


7. Prizm
This device will connect to your speaker, then will get into your playlists and identify your taste and will be to putting up a happy medium for your music.


8. Nikon D5
For the love of extreme low light photography, camera will be offering you the highest light sensitivity of ISO 3,280,000.


9. Activeon Solar X
This action cam gets to know when you are active, and will charge itself under such conditions.


10. CleverPet
The new game for your pet. This device will be flashing lights and when your pet taps the right one, it will pop out a treat.


11. Daqri
This Daqri Smart Helmet will be suing the m plastic panels which would project AR, or as it called augmented reality, directly onto the screen.


12. Samsung's 170-inch modular TV
Every year some TV manufacturer comes up with their own big unit. But this one does stand out great.


13. LG Signature dual-sided OLED video wall
This is not for your home, but it's an awesome blend of concept and something you have never seen.


14. TipTalk
This would be just changing your strap of your watch, and you will get to talk through your hand.


15. 3D Systems ChefJet Pro
With this now you will be able to print edibles. The next innovation in the 3D printing industry


16. ModiFace Mirror
Your virtual makeup guide. For girls who ar