Hollywood movies Top 5 Trendy Animation Apps To Try: Fill Your Leisure Time With Too Much Fun & Artistry
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Top 5 Trendy Animation Apps To Try: Fill Your Leisure Time With Too Much Fun & Artistry


Rahul Rawat

Hi everybody! What do you do in your leisure time- staying glued to social media mostly at reading chats, scrolling pages, listening music or perhaps catching some masala gossips. But nothing is as cool affair as animating a self invented cartoon out of your imagination while sipping a coffee cup at home.

 If you have creative mind at sketching animated characters and wish to make career as an animator or an amateur having great creativity but find it a hard nut to crack to draw curves; you don’t need to get enrolled at an animation school, just download from these amazing animation apps that you may use at your home, office or anywhere and anytime to create your idea, show it people; and who knows; may be this could be a next marvel.


1. Animation Studio

For the android phone users, this could be a high performance graphics as animation program. Animation Studio can export animation in AVI, flash and MP4 or WMV formats (Window Media Player).

Operating Features

You could use unlimited layers, pick photos from the gallery, clipboard or from camera. It has eight realistic tools, band scrolling, editing options and a lot more or you could even cut unwanted frames from a video. Truly, it could be your own animation studio in your cell phone.

Rating 3.2/5

Price- Paid

Download: www.animationstudio.com


2. StopMotion Recorder

Stop Motion is one of the late days technologies used even to this day for creating animation. It creates a video from the time-lapse imaging of the character involving simple task but utmost endurance and patience but with an iphone, you could do this in a single click.

Operating Features:

 Its simple and clear interface pleases at first glance. After you open it, StopMotion Recorder, the lens automatically opens, a menu list unfolds and a switch is seen for automobile mode to choose a frame capture interval. If you are opting for a manual mode, you would two more conveniences: Grid shadow and shadow from the previous frame. After capturing sufficient amount of images (Say some 100), you could play your animation video and share it on YouTube, Twitter etc. But it doesn’t recognize images from scanners, digital cameras.

Rating- 4/5

Price –Paid

Download: www.stopmotionrecorder.com


3. Toontastic

This app is all one click animation fun for your kids inspiring and quenching their curiosity for creating their own creative cartoons.  What your kid needs is to just draw a cartoon and animation is ready! 

Operating Features:

To make your cartoon moving across screen, just tap on ‘record’, it will be moving. Moreover, with a game, you could help your kid to add an amazing tale for their cartoon character. After you finish these steps, you could share it with friends and upload it on internet. What makes this app a must for your kids is its ability to develop artistic skills in them and teaches them the principle keys of story telling.  On this app, kids would find pirates, princesses, galaxies, sky and many other different characters. It’s a worth-while app for 6+ kids to stir their creativity.

Rating- 4.5/5

Price- Free (iPad)

Download: www.toontastic.com


4. iStopMotion 3

If you are skilled at animating then this Mac app is really meant animators like you. To add on further, it’s the app that is used by the professionals and animation loving amateurs around the world to create a stop-motion animation.

Operating Features:

 It operational features include a virtual platform that puts objects on a pre-recorded background and offers several video edition tips. It supports HD video formats, images and a lot more fun that could only be enjoyed after downloading this amazing app from the app store. It doesn’t support any windows.

Rating- 4/5

Price- Paid

Download: www.istopmotion3.com

5. Animation Desk

Saving the best for the last, yes; the animation lovers have found a tool that could directly create animated characters on their smartphone screens to produce marvelous animations on your device. It’s Animation Desk, an iPad app.

Operating Features:

It has an interface resembling the work desk of a creative animator, intuitive system to create a work den for the artists where anyone with can turn his imagination into a masterpiece made of curves and lines. With it simple interface and animated scrapbooks, it comes up with several tools like fill, pencil, pen, brushes, eraser etc with adjustable features; moreover you could change the frame rate, overlap adjacent frames to render amazing editing features. Probably the best animation app on your cell phone!

Rating- 4.7/5

Price- Paid

Download: www.animationdesk.com

So, what’s your pick? Pick your lovable app and animate your creativity as any idea matters!