Hollywood movies TOP 7 ‘LEARNING APPS FOR KIDS’
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Rahul Rawat

Who the parent doesn’t want kids to be jovially active and sharp minded with mind of creativity. It’s known, kids are very curious and cute natural and this is the time their cognition and billions of brain neurons.

Do you wish for kid to be bright in academics and best parenting? Nevertheless the fact is, it’s seen many kids fears studies as it’s seems boring to them paving way to poor academics. But thankfully herein mentioned are the best 10 learning apps that your kids would just love doing and brighten his/her mind in the most fun way.

1. Elmo Loves 123s

It’s seen; kids just fear maths and numbers. But this game would help your kid learning counting from 1-20. It has features like add, minus, puzzles, missing and spot the number, videos and coloring pages among all. The best part you kid would love is the animated character of Elmo and Abby Cabaddy that   guide kids to learn maths concepts

Age- 3 Year+

Price- $4.99( iTunes)

2. Disney Story Central

Story by the bed times is the age old fantasy for kids. Thankfully Disney’s characters are unmatchable for teaching kids life lesson and fun. This app has large collection of e-book stories of Disney’s characters –Mickey Mouse, The Princess and Pooh, with the feature of self narration and amazing graphics.

Age- 2 Year+

Price- $ 4 (iTunes)

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon kindle is basically for enhancing and motivating kids reading capacity. No doubt reading habit is the early sign of your kids inclination towards studies and moreover reading is very good habit for all aspiring professionals.

Age- 10+ Year

Price- Free (Google Play store)

4. Memrise

It’s one of the most successful language learning apps that has over 100 languages of world. It basically involves teaching your kid new language in the bit-sized chunk to make it easier for the kids to understand the language unlike other apps. Moreover it has games also to keep going in the fun way.

Age- 3+ Year

Price- Free (Google Play Store)

5. BYJU’s

India’s very own and unarguably the number one online learning platform that has been installed by over 1 million+ of parents across India and outside.  It explains the tough and boring subjects topic in the most animated and easier way by an online illustrator that kids deeply understand the concepts of any subject and soon start mastering it.

Age- 5 Year+

Price- Free (Google Playstore)

6. Fish School HD

Who’s the kid not love swimming coluorful? This app essentially involves a coluorful fish teaching your pre-schooling kid his/her letters, math numbers, shapes and sizes and colouring pages under the sea world.

Age- 2-5 Year

Price- $1.99(iPad)

7. GazzilliScience

This science app takes in environmental topics such number of seasons, plant parts, water cycle, atmosphere, matter states and a lot more and includes six different activities related to science but provide one topic at time and rewards with other topics as he/she proceeds.

Age- 3-6 Year

Price- $ 0.99(iPhone)