Hollywood movies 10 Reasons Why Diwali Is The Best Festival In The World.
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10 Reasons Why Diwali Is The Best Festival In The World.

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu


Unlike other Indian festivals, Diwali is a festival celebrated all throughout the country. Popularly known as the festival of lights, Diwali is generally celebrated for five days, where the biggest day is the third one.

This year we will celebrate India's biggest religious affair on November 7.

But, what makes it special? There are a number of reasons why Diwali is the most exciting Indian festival. Here are the top ten reasons why Diwali is the best Indian festival.

1. Bringing Everyone Together
Different Indian festivals are restricted to particular regions of India, Diwali is different. It's one of the only festivals where the whole country unites to celebrate the festival of lights.


2. Lighting Up
Known as the festival of lights, people light up homes, streets and what not during these days of Diwali. We Indians light up the whole country together to celebrate happiness and prosperity.

3. The Food
Diwali is all about the food. Diwali means you get to eat the best Indian dishes like samosas, kachoris, chaat and much more. The sweets take up the most part like laddus, jalebis, barfi, gulab jamuns and the list goes on.

4. Family Time
The whole country unites, and so does the families. Almost all offices and businesses are on holiday, and everybody get together to celebrate the festival of lights.

5. Spending Quality Time
You get to spend some quality time with your loved ones during Diwali. There isn’t much stress around the Diwali period and most of families get together to spend time with each other, sort of family get togethers.


6. The Presents
Diwali is all about gifting each other the best of things. The exchange of gifts is very similar to what we see in Thanksgiving or Christmas. People gift their loved ones, and presents does make everyone happy.

7. The Fireworks
Well, yes, a silent Diwali is obviously a better one, but you can't say no to the fireworks. We do recommend a pollution-less Diwali. Try your bit to contribute to the cause. India is turning into a toxic state.

8. Gambling
A traditional part of the festival, Gambling is quite famous in the northern part of the country during Diwali. In some of the parts, you can see gambling going on for the whole of the night.


9. New Clothes
Who doesn't love to wear new clothes. Diwali means the time for the best of the clothes. You get to wear your favourite clothes and buy the new ones. This is the time of the year where you get to spend the most of your money.

10. Celebration Of Goodness
Diwali is celebrated to mark the victory of good over the evil. The festival is all about commitment to prosperity, happiness, friendship and goodwill.

We will all of you a happy and safe Diwali. Forget all your worries, and celebrate it like anything.

May you have all the happiness!