Hollywood movies 5 Best Singaporean Bars For Unforgettable New Year Eve Night!
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5 Best Singaporean Bars For Unforgettable New Year Eve Night!

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When it comes to visiting Asia’s finest touring and hangout destinations, Singapore is the undisputed name that rushes to each guy fantasy. The lion fountain, glitzy night life, lavish sky soaring skyscrapers, grandeur shopping arcades, authentic Spas and amazing flavour of being a global tour hub are just some of the attractions that lure millions of visitors to Singapore every year.

Well, the bell has rung for the New Year 2’18 and the aroma of festivity and chilling December winter winds have spreaded all over the world and a chilling cocktail is a must to forget and make an unforgettable memory with a soothing glass of wine!. And indeed many a couples are already on their honeymoon tour, a lot more office goers have prepared to bomb a thrilling and unforgettable beer and club party with friends at Dec last weekend. If you are still browsing out the best destination to create an unforgettable New Year party night and booked in your flight to Singapore. Here are the 5 most coveted Singaporean bars and restaurents having serene waterfront and grandeur with unwavering loyalty to make your new year eve cocktail lifelong affair to remember!


As the name so is the fame, resting atop the tallest building in Singapore, it’s a bar that serves you the most breath-taking all corners view of the city glitzy skyline that you just feel, you are on the top of this highly modern city with a waiter in front holding your magical wine glass!

Long Chim

Being in Asia and not being attracted by Thai’s best cuisine can’t happen at all! So, if you guy in Singapore, Asia’s global hangout destination lined with world’s best hotels and restaurents, and love Thai’s food then you must be move ahead to Singapore’s finest Thai food restaurent Long Chim ,located at Marina Bay Sands, serving unbelievable cuisines and eye catching interiors and elements that you just fall in love.

Club 39

A restaurent with a lively vibe and ideally meant for hosting large groups, It’s a restaurent located at 39 Duxton Hill serving only Italian cuisine but it’s an ideal destination for all those  Italian food loving travellers who are on a tour with family or mates.

CE’ LA VI Restaurant & Skybar

Crowned with the tag of Singapore’s most beautiful restaurent, CE’ LA VI is the most luxurious and lavish restaurent perched atop 57th floor of Tower 3 at Marina Bay Sands offering you the most scenic and mind sweeping views of the city and the beauty of this restaurent and bar is unfolded at night with the excellent music beats and stricking LED roofs and interiors of this bar with the world’s finest flavour of multi-cuisine, wine, beer shakes and of course the glitzy nightlife!

Clarke Quay

Made for the unforgettable nightlife, the festive center and located riverside ‘Clark Quay’ is undoubedtedly the apex center to serve stricking cuisine, good wines and drinks and great clubbing experience   and that’s why you would found a flock of people with glass of their favourite drink in hands standing beside the riverside bridge to an ultimate glitzy night clubbing experience that couldn’t be matched easily with elsewhere!

So, just stop browsing now, pick in your one and feel the experience this New Year Eve!