Hollywood movies 5 Bold Breast Tattoo Ideas, Ask Your Tattoo Artist Today!
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5 Bold Breast Tattoo Ideas, Ask Your Tattoo Artist Today!

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Looking for having a bold tattoo on your breast to reclaim your feminity and sexiness? Yes, what really adds to female’s beautifying feminine attributes and seduction is obviously her breast or boobs, the sexiest part of a female body. That’s why inking your breast with a best tattoo design is nothing but like adding fuel to fire to your sexiness and captivating appearance and hence it has turned a rage among urban girls these days. Moreover the rage of breast tattoos accelerated further more after several breast cancer survival incidents.

SWG’ herein showcases the 5 best and boldest breast tattoo designs ideas from floral to tribal to Mandela to butterflies to grab and get inked one on your breast.

 1. Side Breast Bird Tattoo

A solid side breast tattoo with one flying little bird and sitting one on a twig is surely a deep meaning one implying freedom and tranquil beauty fitting with the persona of dauntless girl!

 2. Heart Boob Tattoo

Beautiful and exposed heart tattoo inked with red roses is such design none girl looking for unique and cool tattoo design ignore.

 3. Floral Breast Tattoo

Flowers are always beautiful and refreshing and very feminine. Inking a red floral tattoo design on your breast is perhaps the coolest and refreshing design you could get inked as this pattern would not only add beauty and style but elegance too.

 4. Words Inscriptions

Though simple but it’s unique. Write something inspiring or funky to tell the world our world is and personality you possess without muttering a word. Ask your tattoo artist tattoo artist today for a special word inscription.

 5. Floral Design

Girly now try something floral design for the frontal part of your breast. And if you want further something more design and pattern you could even try your own invented pattern and colour shades like in pink or black, the best one, but don’t forget for proper shadowing and proper alignment.

Watch Out

The only care and concern with getting breast tattoo is to visit a professional tattoo artist and do remember one thing with the age our skin stretches out so the tattoo design but if you could maintain your fitness upright, it’s a big big yes for you girls and ladies!