Hollywood movies A European innovation, castles originated in the 9th and 10th centuries and were built by nobles to control the area. Spectacular abandoned castles around the world
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7 Most Gorgeous Castles Around World- Waiting For Exploration!

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Rahul Rawat

Ever dreamt of the lavish & aristocratic life inside those by gone era gorgeous castles and palaces? I am damn sure each one of us would have wished for going back to the times of prince and princess and in those castles. But sadly we can’t do that but one thing is sure we have captured or see some snaps of those abandoned castles either in movies or by visiting.

I herein cover up the 7 most gorgeous & glorified abandoned castles around the world which have been left uncared mostly; now home to insects and birds and vanishing under the layers of dust, ruins just standing helpless begging for exploring and urgent restoration!

Kasteel van Mesen, Lede, Belgiu


This vast and beautiful castle built is believed to be considered as the most elegant & royal estate in the late 18th century. Originally it was owned by the highness Marquess Of Lede and designed by the then famed Italian architect Giovanni Niccolo Servandoni has now turned into the ruins & today most of its buildings have been demolished, covered with the dust of time & left uncared.

Chateau de Carnelle, France


Due to its close proximity to fervent & green Carnelle Forest, this castle has been nicknamed as Chateau de Carnelle that was built at the wish of Duke of Massa by Gabriel Hippolyte Destailler in the 1876.  This gorgeous castle with eye catching façade has 18 suites, 12 on the first floor and 6 on the second beautified by a large park, gardens, fountains and theatres too & was listed as historic monument since 1987.

Castello di Samaezzanno, Italy


Located in a hamlet called Leccio in Regello is an eye grabbing palace that was erected somewhere around 1605 by a Spanish royal house in the Moorish revival architecture. It served as a luxury hotel post world war –II & in the year 2012 a committee was established to look after this royal castle which has some 365 rooms each heavily decorated with unbelievable Moorish decoration.

Ruperra Castle, Wales


 This ancient castle which is now in ruins & scars of time located in the county borough Caerphilly. Built in the year 1626 by Sir Thomas Morgan, is believed to be the one of the first mock castles around in the Wales.

Pidhirtsi Castle, Ukraine


The Pidhirtsi Castle is located in the western Ukraine & was constructed somewhere in 1635-40. The structure built with bricks & stone has stunning interiors with several halls, library & garden & at in its golden age, the each room walls in this palace was decorated with awesome paintings, portraits & grand chandeliers which all have wrecked and covered in the layers of dust now.

Muromtzevo Castle, Russia


The saga of this legendary castle , made in the style of German Castle with a touch of French architecture, is an itself intresting one that goes like this when a Russian nobleman met the French lord while travelling in France, the two engaged in the war of words for praising & holding superiority of their own country architecture and elegance. In response to the French nobleman, the Russian declared that he could erect a castle o equal magnificence in his land & he indeed made it true.

Bannerman Castle, New York


Built in 1900 by Francis Bannerman for his military arsenal storage that was expanding & he used this castle for advertising home for his arsenal business & its façade wall still bear the tag Bannerman’s Island Arsenal. This castle built on the bank of Hudson river is now a property of New York State Office of Historic Preservation. Its current interior status is almost burnt & ruined while the exterior still stands in dilapidated condition.