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Five Most Rated Travel Books To Carry On

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Rahul Rawat

If you are one of those who love travelling, well, a book is your companion which can keep you hooked during transit. Be it any mode of transportation, you can always depend on the good old book to keep you entertained, taking you through the roller coaster of emotions. But picking out that perfect book is quite an uphill task. Every bibliophile knows the stress of going through the ordeal of finding the right book when they want to travel.Five Most Rated Travel Books To Carry On.

1.The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Well, a book that tells you to follow your dreams and explore the meaning of life. The Alchemist is a master piece from master of literature Paulo Coelho. Explore your emotions as you follow the protagonist on his journey trying to understand himself and life in general. Available at all leading stores and online book shops, the book can be purchased for a nominal price of 125 INR and onwards.

2.Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts


Touted to be one of the most intriguing books of the decade, Shantaram is as melancholic as it is dainty. The story revolves around an Australian in hiding who is looking for love and life. Filled with beauty, compassion, realism, contemporary scenarios and the likes, the book is incredibly entertaining and tends to provoke a thought that initially seemed impossible. The book can be purchased at a price starting 390 INR.

3.World Walk by Steven Newman


Steven Newman is a journalist who started his journey around the world and boy did he do it! 4 years on foot, he covered 22 countries in 5 continents. His adventures took him through a journey that exposed him to people, arrests, world crisis, attacks in the wild, wildfires and so much more. Wouldn’t you want to put yourself in their shoes and explore the same exciting events? Well, lay your hands on this beauty for 300 INR and onwards.

4.In a Sun burned country by Bill Bryson


Australia through the lenses of Bill Bryson. A tale of humour and survival, one’s journey can be painfully funny. Based on interesting facts and figures, Bill takes you through the country and its shenanigans. If you have been looking forward to visiting that country located down under and are fascinated by the same, well, you know what book you should get. At699 INR, it is one of the most sought after books in the country.

5.Love with a chance of drowning by Torre DE Roche


No no it is not another titanic story! It is a travel memoir which is deeply personal, romantic and makes you bawl your guts out because it is so beautiful. Torre leaves her exquisite job and classy lifestyle for a man she just met and sets on an adventure across the south Pacific. Will the journey be scary for them? Will they find a new approach? Will they discover something new within or outside? Well, you would never find out if you never read the masterpiece. Find it at your nearest bookstores starting at 354 INR onwards.

These are the top travel books that you can carry. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query.