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Happiness? What is Happiness? Let’s Re-Discover Happiness

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Happiness is more than just seeing the text on your phone of the salary being credited on first of month.

 The quintessential part of our life is the smart parts of being happy.

 But have paused for a minute to understand exactly what happiness actually means?

 What, exactly happiness mean to you?

Nothing would be clear enough unless you don’t understand your own meaning of happiness.

 Many people will define happiness as having fun at a poolside party, or a the excitement of new experience, or the thrill of sex, or some good food. All these are a part of it, but not exactly happiness!

 The above experiences are a definition of PLEASURE.

 Do not confuse ‘pleasure’ with ‘happiness’!

 The pleasure though continues to dominate us, as we have keep having these joyful experiences all the time, and technically our brains adapt and and turn pleasure into happiness.

But, sadly chasing pleasure is not happiness darling!

 Then, what is Happiness?

Happiness is…drinking Beer.

Kidding, I just love beer.

I read somewhere, “you can’t buy happiness, so god made beer”.

 My jokes are always lame. :/

 Anyways, so what is happiness?

In a sentence, happiness is when your life fulfills your needs. The feeling of being satisfied.

In layman language, you are actually happy when you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

 It is a feeling of contentment and belief that life is just as it should be. There’s no perfect happiness, but the enlightenment makes you feel you have all of your needs satisfied.

 Now, don’t ask where to find happiness. I am just a single guy with no job, and not Trump!

 There are innumerable degrees of happiness between the bliss of enlightenment and the despair of depression. It’s deep, I know.

 Sadly, most of us fall somewhere in between, unless you are someone who can fly or Di Caprio with an Oscar.

 Since happiness will fill up the needs, so “What are the needs?”

The answers might sound too simple but at core, it’s a complex problem.

Humans, are complicated to understand.

The complexity means that we are no simple, one-size-fits-all answers to what makes us happy.

The individual needs of us vary with time, our genes, where we stay and how we were raised, and our experiences in life.

There are complicated situations make each of us unique, both in terms of needs, and in all other aspects of what makes us the person we are.

Humans are complicated which provides the foundation on how we can discover our esteemed essential human needs.

As we all are born looking for the human on the outside, actually we all share common basic needs on the inside.

But, where we humans differ is exactly how strongly we feel each of those needs!