Hollywood movies Has Miniso changed the way Indians look at foreign brands?
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Has Miniso changed the way Indians look at foreign brands?

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Rahul Rawat


Whenever a new brand causes disruption in the market, it ensures that it should create a buzz. It could be through the new age digital marketing process or even through B2C advertising which is exciting and even encapsulates the customers attention. Miniso is one such brand founded in 2011, which did cause a stir when it showed up with a plethora of products.

The products are not just simple ones, but general utility-based components which focus on making day to day life simpler. The current portfolio includes, household items, daily life products, health and beauty, fashion accessories, digital products, food and beverages and the likes. So, be it your next noodle bowl or perfume diffuser, you know where to head to when you intend to buy them at affordable prices.


How does it deal with fashion accessories?

History is witness to the fact that giants and disruption causing agents occupy the market too soon and their popularity increases rapidly. When you start offering multiple quality products at one single destination, it is only likely that customers be attracted like moth to flame. For example, Miniso deals with fashion accessories such as eye shades, textured slippers, umbrellas, eye masks and the likes which comprise the top slots. They are unique in design and offer comfort like no other. Be it the general breathability of the fabric or the soft clothing on both sides, the eye shade is designed to fit all structures of faces and eyes alike. You could use it when you are exhausted during a road trip where you have to constantly look at the road or even after a long day at work when you just want to unwind and relax with soft music playing in the background. It is so much better than those frozen ice pack eye shades which can cause different kinds of side effects if not used properly.

Why are their digital products so popular?

Take Miniso’s digital products into account. Their state-of-the-art Bluetooth speakers is one of a kind and poses stiff competition to foreign and well-known brands. If your choice of music is private, you can always go back to the noise cancelling headphones which offer a better sound quality and are long lasting. Be it purchasing those tempered glasses for your phone as a protector cover or another mechanical keyboard for your desktop or laptop, Miniso has everything for everybody.

Does it deal with health and beauty?

If you have been trying to find the perfect perfume for yourself or your partner, look no further because Miniso offers the best body sprays in the current times. It is long lasting and has a moisturising effect on the skin. If cosmetics float your boat, you always have their liquid lipsticks to look forward to. They are not only smooth, easy to apply, durable, easy to remove with a strong make up remover, but also offer better coverage than the general lipsticks available in the market. Exfoliate and nourish your skin with their masks which only make your skin shine like a dew drop.

Wrapping it up

Miniso deals with a plethora of verticals but limited number of quality products which are indeed one of a kind. If you haven’t tried them yet, it is just about time that you start already and never regret purchasing any product from the fastest growing chain in Japan.