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India's Top 6 Exotic Beaches: The Mesmerizing Coasts!

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Vishal Aaditya Kundu

India being a country of multiple diversities, is very rich is natural happenings. With water on three sides of the country, India has a 7,517 km long coastline bordering the sides.

From Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal, we have a lot of pleasing water possessions.

Coming the the most exotic beaches in the country, we have the western regions which is shared by Gujarat, Mumbai, Goa running parallel to Western ghats ranging to God's own country Kerala.

On the Indian West East Coast we have the beautiful Bengal, moving south to India’s best kept secret Odisha and extending further through Andhra Pradesh and ending in Tamil Nadu.

Let's explore this beauty of India and check out the six most beautiful Indian beaches. These are the top 6 most exotic beaches of India:

1. Nargol Beach, Gujarat

This western beach located along Gujarat border boasts a natural coastline. The Nargol Beach is situated near Vapi town. Still many tourists don't know about Nargol, and the beach remains unexplored with a wide number of beauty spots.

Its peaceful with very less people, as rarely anybody visits it. If you are Vapi or even near the town, do visit the Nargol beach on the coast of the Gulf of Cambay.

2. Querim Beach, Goa

Located in North Goa, this beach is known for its breezing environment and sunsets. Querim is also known as the Keri, is situated just at the opening of the beautiful Terekhol river. If you at Goa, or near the famous Arambol Beach, don't miss out on this beautiful beach in north.

Keri beach has a peaceful atmosphere enthralled by its scenic beauties and nature.

3. Kappad Beach, Kerala

At God’s own country, just at the exit of Arabian Sea, the beautiful Kappad beach is located. At Kozhikode, this rock studded beach is famous in Kerala as Kandakkadavu. Don't forget to taste the awesome local cuisine.

FYI, this is the same beach which Vasco Da Gama landed to discover the India water route.

4. Butterfly Beach, Goa

Located near Palolem, this mesmerizing Goan Beach is just less than 40 kilometres from Madgaon. Not many people know about it, and this small beach remains one of the most beautiful and unexplored beaches in the west state.

Its peaceful, less crowded and Butterfly beach has some of the beautiful natural beauties.

5. Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

Situated at Karnataka, the temple town of Gokarna has this beautiful rocky beach, Gokarna. With the famous Mahabaleshwara Lord Shiva temple, its a go-to weekend destination for the local tourists.

Not only Gokarna, it has Om beach, Kudle beach, Paradise Beach, Belekan beach backing the main one.

6. Ladghar Beach, Maharashtra

How can you list the best beaches in the country and miss Ladghar. The Ladghar is famous as TamasTeertha and is just a few kilometres away from Dapoli town. A very popular destination among tourists, Ladghar one of the most popular beaches in the western region.

If you ever at Ratnagiri, do definitely visit this series of beautiful beaches. It is also a hub of the the largest Agricultural Universities in India

If you want us to add to the list, comment down below. Also let us know if we missed out on anything!