Hollywood movies Is Someone Ready For A Real Relationship? - 10 SIGNS That Answer
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Is Someone Ready For A Real Relationship? - 10 SIGNS That Answer

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Rahul Rawat

Life without relationships can’t be imagined. That relationship could be being in love with someone, friends, family. Well what basically relationship needs is a mutual caring of emotions and love for each other. But people generally trust wrong people and get ditched of their trust and emotions. So, what are the signs that tell as if he or she is ready or not for being in a real relationship? These top 10 signs are rightly mentioned herein.

1. Not Being Developmental In Relationship

One of the straight forward signs of person who isn’t actually ready for some relationship is the lack of being progressive or developmental in relationship. A relationship needs to be nurtured progressively. Certainly greater the mutual understanding and maturity; greater is the strengthening of bond between you and your partner.

2. Have An Axe To Grind

Such a person is with you with a motto of selfishness. He/she always desire to take from you and is reluctant to give on your turn. Moreover rather ready to sacrifice even a little for the sake of relationship as every relationship ask for some little big sacrifice for a real relationship.

3. Talks Of Oneself, Ignores Your Story

Boasting of only oneself and not paying interest or ignoring your concerns is the sure sign that person is not one deserving in relationship with you. Being talkative is no way a cause of jealously with someone but ignoring the talks by person with whom you are together among people or in relationship is the sure sign that you must not be in relationship with that person.

4. Takes Little Interest In Your Family & Friends

Clearly being with a family is some kind of sure and special responsibilities. The person not ready for relationship avoids your family and friends so that she/he couldn’t face any kind of responsibility from your family or friends. Moreover that’s could be sign of his/her egoist nature.

5. Haven’t Build A Strong Relationship In Past

One who couldn’t hold good relationship with any one is the sure sign that the person himself/herself has an immature and irritated nature. It couldn’t be case the case that every single who befriended that person was not good .Infact the problem is with that person so, this kind of person is never suitable and trustworthy for being in relationship.

6. Always Doubt Others & Dwells In Negative Notions

One who always doubts everyone every time actually develops some kind of psychological disorders in mind. Yes, it’s a more fraud world but we can’t see things with closed eyes. Isn’t it? One who keeps on doubting other is actually a cynic and that person couldn’t be called ready for any relationship.

7. Often Makes Unnecessary Demands

You could feel, he/she always keep demanding from you the unnecessary demands. That’s could not be called a partner but a parasite on you sucking all your money and peace of mind for meeting his/her demands.

8. Have Been Ditched In The Past

Well no good person can bear the pain of being hurt in love or in relationship. If that person with whom you are going to be in relationship have been exploited of emotions in love or relationship is like ‘ A Burnt Person Fears The Fire’ .Relationship with emotions couldn’t run but these kind of people have already shaded the emotions what they had and now prefer to play safe and go away after fulfilling needs.

9. Has Different Faces Before Different Persons

Believe a person having different faces before different faces is actually an elusive. That’ s a person who is too boast of being straight forward but actually an big introvert who master the art of flattery or assuming different faces before different faces. That’s not a person one should unite with for relationship.

10. Love For Independence & Liberty

The last one and something special is all those people who just love to cherish the liberty, staying and wandering solo, liking no one to wait for and no one to listen for in their own style of living. Such persons see being in relationship as a hindrance in their liberty and things they love to do.

So what’s left for you is master to read these signs in people’s behaviour, and believe if you do so, you would never fall prey to fake relationship in your way for true relationship and love!