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LET'S PLAY: The Incredible Range Of PS4 GAMES

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Rahul Rawat

Gaming gives you an adrenaline rush like no other if you like staying indoors. Be it the regular board games or whipping up those up on your PlayStation, gaming has evolved leaps and bounds over the ages. It is fascinating, enhances cognitive functions and  promote creativity in youngsters indulging in the same.


All About PS4 Games

PS4 is the 8th generation gaming console developed by Sony which has kept enthusiast hooked for as long as one can imagine. Its high definition graphics design and user interactive factor have made it one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world and it refuses to leave that top-notch place. Launched in Feb 2013, it has been giving tough competition to Xbox and Nintendo, which have been trying to acquire a giant market space too.

However, with an AMD accelerated processing unit, it is one of the most efficiently build systems on a robust architecture, with emphasis on social interaction and integration? What should you be choosing? What is popular among the folks? What kind of games can be played on a PS4? Well, we want to review the top 7 PS4 games which have been loved World wide.


1.Horizon Zero Dawn


Aggressive creatures, tantalising plots, action and role playing game, this one always takes the cake. It is a mystery that literally calls you to solve itself. A machine infested world, the protagonist sets out on an adventurous journey which is charming and intriguing for you never know what you are going to discover. As a multiplayer game, you can enjoy this with your friends over a weekend binge playing the same and not regret it either.


2.God of War


Developed by Sony, this is an action adventure game which is meant to take you out on a roller coaster journey. God of war has different Greek characters based on mythology and Norse history. As the characters progress through their journey, they encounter multiple obstacles in the form of monsters and different gods of the Norse universe. As one of the highest rated games, the game has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.




The game is popular for its smart level design, thick and moody atmosphere, satisfying mechanics, and consistency. However, the obscure style tends to put off many players who do not entertain that. Bloodborne is a piece of hell that you invite into your life given that it is dark in its own sweet little way. you are a warrior who wakes up in a death striken town and people are out to kill you. They speak through closed doors or don’t at all. It is grim yet intoxicating


4.Grand Theft auto V


Who hasn’t heard of the grand theft auto? An intelligent and wicked, yet humour laden game, the satire takes you through the entire continent. Operating on the boundaries of possibilities, you have three characters that keep you engaged. Be it the retired ocn man or the air-headed daughter, you have a premise that seduces and leads you to a better land. It is like your own thriller where you are the sole hero with an intense and intriguing storyline. What else do you want?


5.The Witcher wild hunt


It is a game which is worth the money. With hundreds of hours of gameplay, you can now add another expansion pack which can take you out on better adventures. A cross between the Dragon age, Skyrim and inquisition, the combat and structure of the real world is extremely fresh and can be challenging on a few levels. Moreover, it is a super-natural fantasy game which contains a story around one of the massive demonic armies! Did you say let’s play?


6.Persona 5


Rated 9.7 by ign.com, it is singularly one of the most loved games in the PS4 universe. It is extraordinary, memorable and bold which speaks volumes about the experience you are supposed to go through. It adds a different variety of depth to the former and the combat strategy is like no other. Ever wondered how does it feel to save the world when in high school? Well, this could be your weekend jam.


7.Monster Hunter


Published by Capcom, it is also one of the action games which involves role playing. Released worldwide in January 2018, it is one of the freshest games you can get your hands on. It is as awesome on the PC as it is on the PS4. Incredibly deep and rewarding, this game is engaging and poses with several obstacles. With so much depth in the system, it is only a matter of fact before you are hooked on to the same.




With a hybrid approach, it works brilliantly on the console. With a character progression so amazing, you can get addicted to this multiplayer game. With a halo style combat, this is fun even if your missions seem more technical and formulaic than fun.

Character building, storyline, arcs are the true blood of a game. Be it action fantasy or role-playing sequences, PS4 has come leaps and bounds above other gaming systems. Pick out favourite and get started with the same! We guarantee a gala time, for sure.