Hollywood movies Over Fitness Could Affect Your Relationship: Check It To Believe It!
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Over Fitness Could Affect Your Relationship: Check It To Believe It!

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Rahul Rawat

Blessed are the ones who drip out sweat to stay fit and rejoiced. Exercise with proper dieting is the key for healthy life and nothing could replace it. Today, almost every single individual is either over-weighted or under-weighted but truly there is no dearth of fitness lovers who just can’t miss their daily gym workout session; come what may and amazingly adding charm to their personalities.

Well, the craze for six-pack abs, muscles and toned figured body have made people gaga all around the world. And it’s cool too but it has been the scenario; several individuals are turning out addicted to fitness. Could you believe your ears, if you hear over-fitness is one of causes for relationship strife; probably you would find it hard to digest but the fact is it’s actually directly-indirectly weakening your solid relationship and has been well affirmed by the studies.

Let’s check herein as to how this all scenario is.

Exercise Widow?

What’s that term? Well a lot more could be understood by its literal meaning. Never the less Exercise Widow, a recently coined term, is someone who wakes up on an empty bed because of the husband early morning workout.  No doubt the trend of marathon running and cross-country has turned out quite popular all around world. What happens out of this is the psychological change in the person that some where causes a less like for sex and romance, with more and more focus on sports enthusiasm that may pave way to individual’s wife feel like spouseless widow and moron.

 Psycho-Physio Changes

You might have been a seclusion loving individual and recently developed a taste for sports enthusiasm and fitness post your wedding. Well, there is no harm in that, but things pose threat when one is to balance the changing behaviour out of developing psycho-physio changes in the body and mood.

Time Mis-Management

One of the main reason of spouse’s stress in relationship with the over addicted fitness freaks. No doubt, you should set aside regular timing for exercises/gym etc but it’s must that you devote quality time with your spouse or loved one so that she/he may not feel neglected and secluded.

Exercising- Not A Means To Achieve Everything

Exercising is obviously to burn the calories you got from food, strengthen muscles, improving immunity and overall looking good and fit. In no way one should take it as the ultimate way to achieve perfection. How could exercising make one perfect and everything in relationship with someone or family? No doubt health is wealth but obviously that’s couldn’t be used for meeting the ends and neither every one love hitting gym to fight competition.

Instead we all love to exercise to look and feel better not for turning over addicted to fitness to achieve whatever we want through it.


Communicate Your Concern

If you feel you or your partner turning addicted to the over-fitness; the need is that you communicate with him/her and let one know that it’s crossing the limit to pave for over fitness and your relationship is being marred by this. Better to drop out habit of over-exercising and dedicate time for each and essential thing while in family.

 Conclusion- What’s The Way Out?

If this is happening with you, you first don’t need a marriage counselor to approach and tell your all story. Better is to let know and feel your spouse to devote time for romance, responsibilities while in relationship and not to skip out and experience oneself for all good and bad aspects of life. Fix off days; moreover you could take your spouse with you in gym or in morning running together as a companion, and to remind you always that you are not a single but have other little/big responsibilities to meet up and please someone as a lover and care taker.

And remember; excess of everything is detrimental.