Hollywood movies Vehicles for human transport that have two wheels and require balancing by the rider date back to the early 19th century.
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The Entire World Of Cycle Bikes: Folding, Balance and Electric

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Rahul Rawat

Whoever said a bike has a job to fulfil- that is taking you from one destination to another, has probably never heard of the new age bikes which are changing the norms. It is no longer a mode of transportation but a part of a lifestyle change which has indeed inspired many. With a pool of serious cyclists increasing day by day, it has only become a matter of choice if you want to own a bike which not only resonates with your passion but also ensures that you stay fit and healthy.

Not just passion, it is a lifestyle change

Choosing a bike for channelizing biking passion is altogether a different deal. It is important that is comfortable yet challenging such that it benefits you positively in the long run. Stationery biking is known to tone your leg muscles. However, a mobile one tends to expend all your energy that is beneficial in increasing the cardio vascular activity which subsequently turns out to be helpful.

How has biking changed over the years?

Bikes on the other hand are not just pedals and handles or seats and belts. It is advanced and innovation has crept with advanced technology. It is technically sound and comes with so many different features that would put even the most advanced electric bikes to shame.

But what kind of bikes should you be looking for if you want to upgrade from being a regular Joe to a total pro? What bikes are trending in the current date? What bikes are affordable and meant for the purpose you want them to use them for?

Well, you might want to read on!

1)       Specialised Tarmac Mid Compact


It is probably one of the lightest bikes you get at an affordable price range. As an established brand, it has been upgraded from being just another generic bike to a specialised one over the years. It has a di-electric transmission, is superior in its construction, and has a super speed gear set which is just beautiful. With a frame so sturdy, you can take this beauty of $1,750 anywhere you want.

2)      Bianchi Vertigo 105


Comfortable, classy and one of the most beautiful bikes in the market, this is one of the not-so-painful bikes. With a fork made out of carbon components, it is unyielding even if you use it roughly on a track. The tyres are well-equipped to absorb the shock and last longer so that you can cover longer distances easily. Own this beauty at $2,000 only.

3)      Cannondale CAAD10 5 105


When we talk about oversized aluminium frames, Cannondale tops the charts. It is light, it is fun and one of the bikes which has non-shaky handles. With shock absorbers located almost all over the bike, you stand a lower chance of injury. Own this beast at $1730 only. Customisable? Hell yes!

4)      Cerv


Voted the bike of the year for several years in a row, this had to make its way into our list.The flagship product CerveloClassic R3 is a classic race machine which has been a favourite among cycling enthusiast. if the basic bar is a buzz kill, it still qualifies because of the flawless chassis and those drive trains. This could be yours for just $2,600.

5)      Giant Defy Advanced 1


Weighing a little higher than 8 kgs, this one has a composite advanced grade fork, bottle cages, impressive chassis, giant disc wheels, hydraulic brake levers, neutral saddles which make biking simpler and easier for you. Did you know the brand manufactured parts for Formula 1 too? With design that is meant to withstand higher endurances and sprint, you can own this one for $3150 only.

6)      Planet X N2aSRAM Red


Made from high modulus carbon fibre, it is designed to reduce drag, manage air flow, and provide the cruising comfort that you have been looking forward to. With parts neatly organised, it feels as if you are floating on cable. Head tube might be tapered, but the geometry of placement just makes up everything that usually lacks in sporting bikes. As a rigid bike, you can customise it to make it comfortable for you. However, that might be quite challenging given that it has launched in just one country. If interested, you can take it out for a spin at $4000.

7)      Brompton M6L folding bike


If you are the one to commute long distances but cannot keep your hands off your bike, folding bikes might be a solution. It is easy and light to carry, practically everywhere. The M6L has been rated as one of the best bikes in the folding category which is a classic Brompton product. With the traditional 16 inches wheels, you can always customise the handle bar as per your liking. Steel and aluminium built, standard seat posts, this is what you should be choosing for your next excursion. Prices starting at $1080 only.

8)      Tern Verge X11


Super speedy, flexible and lightweight, this singularly takes the cake in the folding bike category. With a hybrid SRAM force and 22 inches wheels, you have a beautifully designed bike which you can take places like never before. The higher cassette ratio, it is as good as it gets. Prices starting at $5000

9)      Trek Domane 6.9


With a fantastic suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, better tyre clearance, super-efficient biking experience, it is ideal if you want to cruise for longer distances in one single day. It can saddle you well for hours together without any discomfort. The set-up is worth the investment and provides the best biking experience ever. Say all pros who have tried this one better! Prices? Well, it could be yours for $7000 only.

10)  Scott Plasma Premium


The tri-bike is not rated the best for nothing. Aero carbon frames, super light features, world champions prefer this above anything else. Looking forward to break records on a lighter pocket? Well, it doesn’t get lighter than the bike starting $9000.

Be it folding bikes, dirt bikes or the regular ones, picking out one is essential and it should serve the functional purpose of fulfilling your passion. With cutting edge material and equipment in place, these are heavy duty machines which are optimised to be light weight, aerodynamic such that you take cruising to another level.