Hollywood movies This is what Different ‘Sitting Poses Tell Of Your Personality’?
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This is what Different ‘Sitting Poses Tell Of Your Personality’?

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Body language expresses uncontrollably what’s going on in one’s mind and unspoken indication of one’s actual personality. The way you stand, sit and handshake tells a lot more of your personality which any shrewd body language expert could understand in seconds. Sitting being the most general postures one encounter necessarily in the whole day whether you are sitting in an interview or meeting session or at sofa during partying or unconsciously laying at your home reveals of how well you are going in life and what personality you possess.

 So, herein is what different sitting postures tell of your personality; in order to leave a strong impression wherever you happen to appear, just go through and improve your sitting postures if any.

1. Sitting Erect- Confident

If you are sitting in the erect position with your head and shoulder erect and feet firmly on floor, it indicates that you are highly confident and if you use your hand in tune with what are speaking but not to excessively sends a very strong message to the person judging you.

2. Crossed Legged-Insecure

You have noticed several people sitting cross-legged with one of feet on the floor and other being in the air sadly belittle your confidential personality and indicate that you are feeling insecure. Don’t shrink your legs instead feel relaxed.

3. Cross Ankles- Secure

Compared to what above said that is sitting cross legged; however sitting cross your ankles could be a position of feeling secured as by sitting this way, your legs are showed up sending the message that you have nothing to hide hence projecting you as a person of you.

4. Sitting In The Centre- Confident

Instead of looking right or left, sitting in the centre is the clear indication that you are confident. Moreover by sitting this way you appear more formal and show your readiness to face people. However if you tend to sit on the corner, don’t just sit on the brim .And whenever a stranger comes to sit, always slide to the opposite slightly.

5. Using Armrests- Insecure

Above the all, in what manner you keep our hands besides your legs is the straight forward indication of your confidence level. If you keep on rely on the armrests, you send the message that you can’t handle the things alone as resting your arms on the armrests unconsciously shows that you are a shaky type personality.

6. Clasped Hands- Pretender

Sitting with clasping your hands could well indicate that you are a kind of a person who seeks enjoyment in lying, boasting and pretending to what you actually not are. It’s not a natural position as clasping hands shows that you are too polite that actually may not be.

7. Crossed Arms- Angry

Sitting crossed arms often sends the message that you are feeling angry to the person sitting opposite you. It’s cool that you sometimes resort to cross armed pose but doing it often will create a wrong image of you.

8. Splayed Knees To The Outside- Erotic

This pose seems quite fine for a short period but staying in this position, the woman tends to cover less space and seek more pleasure in over talking. It has been shown by studies, women consolidate their limbs to less space when flirting and seducing the male partner.

9. Keeping Hands In Lap- Narrow Minded

If you keep and sit with your hands in the lap indicated the lack of flexibilty and open mindedness that’s very essential for a strong personality. Welcoming ideas and suggestions from others is not expected from this kind of personality.

10. Leaned Backward On Palms- Judgmental

It looks a cool relaxing pose at the very first glance and fine for short relaxing period. Sitting in this pose regularly indicate that you assess a situation without taking an action and as if allowing things to happen with you.

So, if you are used to sitting to any of these wrong sitting pose, all you need is to improve your sitting pose a bit to hone your personality.