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5 Cool Looks for Travel


Sehba Jalal

Travel is one of the greatest exciting hobbies around the world. For a bunch of people, all they wish to do in life is to travel around the world. But travelling is not an easy job, Mind IT!


Well here we aren’t talking about the twists and turns the travel journey takes but we are talking about the travel looks people enjoy. Yes! It’s not just travelling but even the other elements associated with travelling that makes a difference.

One of the greatest elements associated with travelling is the cool look to decide while on a travel journey. It is beneficial as well as essential to carry the right look while travelling so that you create the perfect impression in foreign land or on strangers. 

Well to simplify your travel experiences, here we have the best simple but cool travel looks you may easily carry while travelling, even around the world-

1.   Comfortable pants/leggings/jeggings 

Travel is the time when you need to feel the comfy factor. Ease the process with easy to move, lightweight, cotton fabric, wrinkle-free and preferably moisture absorbing pair of leggings, jeggings or pants.

2.   Slip on shoes go with the run

Chose the shoes like- sandals, bellies, boots, basic flats make a good choice while travelling as they slip on and off quickly. This not only adds to your comfort but to a speedy access as well during all those security checks. Forget the heels or tie-up shoes like-sneakers!

3.   Scarf or warm jacket

AC and season fluctuations seem to be a part and parcel of every travel story. Carry a warm jacket that helps you beat those blasting AC or any further seasonal changes in the weather. Carrying a scarf can help you with multiple uses like- a neck pillow, an eye cover or even a leg warmer. Wrap it, fold it, bundle it and stay comfortable!

Rompers or jumpsuits

A romper or a jumpsuit seems to have gained its idea while travelling itself. It is such an easy and comfort fitting attire for all your travel times in just matter of seconds. Layer it under a blazer or a jacket to jet set and flip from casual to formal looks while you are travelling.


Fighting those chilly winters can be a difficult task when you are travelling. It’s never recommended to heavy your luggage with those entire winter luggage. Layers have been a hotshot entry into this field. It has not only simplified the things but also reduced on the luggage count and weight as well. Dressing in layers will always help whether it is the cold or hot weather. Some of the options like- a shirt under a sweater, hoodie, or light jacket, can be tried and tested. Adding a scarf will add a more comfy element to your attire for various purposes.


Get ready to rock your travel with the combination of these necessary elements of attires and get your look on. Now no more problems with the luggage! Just put on the best one you like and you are ready for your travel in the most rocking and cool look.