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5 Key Mistakes To Avoid For Solo Traveller


Rahul Rawat

Travelling is surely a great fun to explore the world we live in and different cultures, heritages, street food and shopping items and a lot more. Well all us want that whether we are touring with family or it’s with friends, we never want any sort of interruption in our tour. But taste of travelling differs with person to person and there are uncountable people who love solitude during far and near trip and surely it’s a great fun. No doubt travelling   solo is just head-ache free way to secure your privacy and move on the way you want without anyone advise and halts but travelling solo might prove a maze if you ignore these 5 basic mistakes that’s common very every solo traveller to make your solo trip an affair to remember.

1. Haphazard Planning- Forgetting Your Maps, Docs & Ill Timing

Planning is the key for every future task to be achieved smoothly, economically and prudentially. Well a lot more planning is not required for travelling still certain vital planning is essential like how you be getting there, searching out the best hotels nearby your destination, researching out the hazards of staying at your destination and docs you have to carry with you, your budget that going to match your trip expense etc.

2. Arriving At Dark- No Cab, No Auto To Get To Your Room!

The very common and troubling situation that had happened with almost all solo travellers is arriving in a strange city where you see all new faces. Imagine you are just land out of platform with your heavy luggage and it’s late dark now with total no sight of running auto or cab. In that situation you either have to wait for morning or if somehow you spot a cab or auto; the same charges you like a bomb. And this way your entire day just passes irritating. So always leave for your destination ahead of your time and if you are late then plan for the next day.

3. Being Too Polite Or Outspoken- Simpleton Is Preyed First!

Don’t be too polite with strangers in a strange city or destination otherwise you might be robbed/ cheated of your money or luggage or even land you life in big trouble by the city tugs or scoundrels.

4. Don’t Be Too Solo- Untraceable Is Sure Risky

If you are going to a far destination alone, then never stay too solo or untraceable without getting in touch with your family and friends in case if you have landed in trouble then your family or friend must reach out to you.

5. Being Lax Of Your Security- Don’t Flash Your Jewels Or Precious Items

The very big thing to pay attention is here about your security. Nothing is more important and comparable with your life and security. If we secure our life, we have ample opportunities to roam about uncountable corners of the world. That’s why don’t be lax of your security by flashing out your expensive jewellery or wallet/purse. You being as a solo traveller are solely responsible for your safety.
Avoid these 5 mistakes essentially to make your solo trip a great fun and experience to remember lifelong and keep the crazy explorer and solo traveller alive in you forever and ever.