Hollywood movies 7 Most Enthralling Places To Tour In Vietnam
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7 Most Enthralling Places To Tour In Vietnam



Asia’s one of most humanly undisturbed and naturally preserved with striking landscape, picturesque mountains covered with greenery and underlying lakes, beautiful beaches adorned with fishing boats, marrying people on beach, vast orchids and rice fields is the home of Vietnam, a well known Asian country located off the coast of South China Sea and in vicinity of the Indian Peninsula. Arguably one of the cheapest cities to be travelled in Asia, Vietnam is a must visting experience and herein are the 7 most enthralling and popular places to visit and feel for an unforgettable experience. Do check them out herein!


1. Ha Long Bay

Looking truly a fantasy land of Disney, this otherworldly land, located some 125 kms from Hanoi city centre with aqua green water, yatch and limestone rocky outcrops covered with thick trees and grass is a bay destination having more 2,000 wonderful rocky jungle like islands which have been carved into wonderful art pieces by water tides and have a variety of flora and fauna, intriguing caves and a lot more to discover!

2. Hue

This city located beside the famous Perfume river serves the blend of modern Vietnam and that of Nguyen Empire that once ruled and flourished the territory. Treated as one of the most popular destinations of Vietnam, Hue attracts visitors for its historic monument ‘The Citadel’, glorious past and cuisine.

3. Sapa

Sapa might be called as ‘Shimla Of Vietnam’! If you wish to roam in picturesque hills topped with snowy clouds, vast rice fields and tribal Vietnam hamlets, then you must afford to avoid this amazing city of Vietnam that resembles a hill station community flourishing in the lap of pure nature.

4. Ho Chin Min City

Located in heart of South Vietnam and the largest city of Vietnam, the city throws several reasons to visit this vibrant city offering a blend of multiplex shopping, dining and city life.

5. Mekong Delta

Nicknamed as the ‘Rice Basket Of Vietnam’, Mekong Delta is famous for its boat market, lush and green fruit orchards, fishing, vast rice and paddy fields dotted with small and beautiful small villages are some of strong reasons luring thousands and lacs of tourists towards it. Moreover it supplies more than 30 per cent of food and grocery to Vietnam.

6. Hoi An

The UNESCO world heritage site, Hoi An is the historic old town located off the South China coast. It is city that amazes and thrill its visiting tourists with its indigenous and mesmerizing old layout and architectural planning of homes and streets, local street market and traditional wooden houses glowing modern lantern in them and inhibited by most hosting inmates.

7. Nha Trang

Wide highway covered with cars and vehicles, tall palm trees and grass garden and the vast sea with Asia’s one of the most beautiful beaches in front of modern tall residential apartments is the landmark sight of Vietnam most popular resort city Nha Trang that makes it a sure sought destination for scuba divers, a hangout adda for water sports activities and a modern resort city for the cool and thrill holiday fun.

So, what the wait for; plan to fly to Vietnam and do hit these popular destination and feel the experience your own!