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8 Tips To Plan Your Next Road Trip Drive By Your Own Car



Well, who on the planet is not fascinated by travelling to a far off destination with his/her friends circle or family? But you know we all have a bad experience of poor road trip planning like our car just halted in the mid of road trip or we forgot road essential like maps, water bottles or our USB device loaded with our favourite songs or car registration papers, DL and identity cards and we are halted by traffic Police causing a great nuisance and waste of time. So, if you don’t wish to re -happen those bad experiences I tell you 8 useful tips for your next long road trip drive by your own lovely car!

1. Make Your Trip Schedule

The first and foremost thing that you must never lax for your trip is your trip schedule. The better your trip schedule and timing better and joyful would be your entire trip ride. Trip scheduling includes a little planning what time your journey would take, for instance if you are leaving by your own car, in case you could easily afford,  at what time you would leave and over all route etc.

2. Luggage & Stuff Packing

You wouldn’t like for that your smart phone is out of power and you have forgot your power bank at home or your identity card, to be shown at the time of hotel entry. Well, it’s one of the most essential tips to make a list and cross cheack if you have packed stuff like mat, clothings, power bank, USB, documents, maps and camera etc.

3. Book Your Hotel

Reserve in advance your hotel that you would like to stay enroute to your trip. And it’s best to make a list of nearby attractions and do spend some time visiting these attractions to make your trip a thrilling experience.

4. Getting Your Car Serviced

Getting your car serviced is the foremost tip to do before leaving for your destination to avoid any kind of trouble and nuisance during your trip.

5. Carry your music device, selfi stick

Sure chances are that some part of your trip drive would be boring with no scenic beauty during those times your music system would escape you from boring so it’s a big tip to carry your music device along with you loaded with rocking songs.

6. Knowing Your Route

What could be worse than if you with your family or friend  kept on driving on wrong route and after covering 2-3 hours drive you come to know you have left your destination far behind or took a wrong turn; you just utter oh! Shit, what the waste of day or even sometime missing a special event. So, if you driving on totally strange destination, it’s better to attain thorough knowledge of your projected tip route, highways and area.

7. Carry Your Camping Stuff

Camping is a great fun and it’s a lifelong affair to remember if you spend a camp night with your friends in a strange land far from the chaotic city and it’s obvious that during your long drive that each one of you would be exhausted of driving seeking a rest and refreshment and there is no sight of single home leave alone a hotel so at that time your camping tent would act as your own guest home.

8. Carry Road Trip Essential

Do carry road trip essential like maps, flashlight, first aid kit, water camper and bottles, towel and blankets to feel comfortable and avoid any emergency.

Make sure to follow these tips for your ultimate trip long drive and have a remembering tour with your family or friends with as much memories and fun you could have. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate recall God’s name and plan in your road trip and pack in your bags and stuff for your next long drive to far off destination!