Hollywood movies the airline companies have recently come up with ‘Get Refund on All Air-Tickets’ option to promote flight culture
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Flight Ticket Cancellation? Now Get Your Refunds On All Air-Tickets!


Rahul Rawat

Believe it or not; the next big domain for travel marketing after surge in the cab service rendered by the leading online cab agggregators viz Ola, Uber, Meru Cabs or Savaari.Com; would be in the commercial airlines unlike before.

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Flights in a developing economy like India are still a fantasy for the middle-class and we know how painful it is to cancel the heavy budgeted air-tickets that involve considerable ticket cancellation charges and is good as none thereby discouraging people to prefer booking flights in advance.
International flight cancellation
Keeping this in view, the airline companies have recently come up with ‘Get Refund on All Air-Tickets’ option to promote flight culture. Now you could cancel your ‘non-refundable air ticket’ just 2 hours before the departure and can get considerable money back including the taxes, fuel surcharge, personal service fee ( PSF) and user development fee (UDF) by opting for Free or Zero cancellation offers! The various platforms such as Paytm, Goibibo, MakeMyTrip (MMT) and others are offering this with their different norms and conditions. As per recent announcements, MMT is offering 100% refund for airline penalties that cost somewhere around Rs 3,000 on domestic flights with refundable tickets to some Rs 5,000 on non-refundable tickets on the same category on an average, said Mr. Mohit Gupta.
Get Your Refund For Air- Ticket Cancellation

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Zero Cancellation Option
There are two ways any flyer could easily cancel and get back the refund either going for Zero Cancellation or by buying insurance that would be recovered to the source from it was initiated like your credit card or debit card etc. For instance with MMT, just by paying Rs 99 -5,49 which is based on the ticket price, with Paytm it’s Rs 1,99 onwards and with another well known platform Goibibo, the same starts from Rs 1,49 for one-way domestic flight.
Flight Cancellation Charges
But Is It Really Free?
Well, it might seem herein that there is 100% refund or easy refund on every flight. But sadly that is not case with the Zero Cancellation service as there are certain fine print conditions one has to understand herein, as said above in view of MMT and Paytm etc, on flight ticket cancellation; the customer gets the full airline fare, allied taxes and surcharges excluding the nominal charges, zero cancellation service charge fee made at the time of online booking. And moreover with MMT, it’s only for specific flights and routes and offers refund one flight cancellation is done 24 hours before while with Paytm it’s 3 hours.

Buying Insurance
The other way is buying insurance for more refunding but one has to see the conditions here too.  Lot of leading insurers in the country like Tata AIG General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Apollo Munich Health Insurance etc offers insurance for ticket cancellation refunds but cover cancellation upto an extent and specific situations and certainly there is a limit upto which the refund can be claimed and settled for.
Air Ticket Cancellation Policy
From above it seems that rather than buying insurance, it’s desirable to pick up Zero Cancellation option from the leading online claim settlements are simpler and easier rather than filling form offline and fetch the related docs. But before opting an option for air-ticket cancellation refund, do go thoroughly through conditions mentioned as the both certain drawbacks.