Hollywood movies Keep your Passport ready- it’s time for travel kitty already.
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Keep your Passport ready- it’s time for travel kitty already.


Sanya Ahuja

Remember those olden days when you used to go with your mom to a nearby restaurant for her kitty, all geared up to play Tambola? Well, not anymore. And if your mom is still going to a nearby restaurant for her kitty, tell her it’s time to change. These days you have movie kitties, shopping kitties, spa kitties, travel kitties and the like.

My aunt is part of a pious kitty group wherein every month all the ladies go to a religious place for a day or two, like Vrindavan, Ajmer Sharif, Shirdi, Haridwar etc. They have turns in taking their car and chauffeur, and have a good time travelling. Moreover, they don’t even feel guilty at the end of the day since they’re not out drinking and partying, it’s all meditation and Godliness.


Taking it to a more hip and happening level is the travel kitty. The ladies dutch money and travel to posh and exotic domestic or foreign locales every month. A one-night getaway to a plush resort or a staycation in the city’s five star property is also part of a travel kitty. When your kids are big or are taken care of, and you’re laden with money, then it’s not a bad idea after all. A little girly time hurt no one. And neither does shopping. Taking a break from their daily chores, ladies love the idea of a travel kitty party. Just getting together over a cup of coffee or a hearty lunch isn’t enough nowadays, gossiping and drinking all day, and dancing all night is what the norm is. A friend of ours changed the travel kitty dates so as to include her birthday in the trip, and took her girls for a spa and expensive dinner on that day. Bearing all the expenses for the day. Because everyone wants to do something different on their special day, this way her kitty plans also weren’t hurt and her birthday was celebrated in an upscale manner too.


Monetizing this trend are hotels and resorts that offer special deals and packages for these travel kitty groups. The hot favourite destinations being Goa, since it’s closer home, has some great nightclubs as well as casinos; Kerala- for the great spas and scenic beauty that the place offers; and Mumbai for its amazing nightlife. Among the foreign destinations, Singapore, Bangkok, Bali and small islands of Thailand like Koh Samui and Krabi are clear winners. And even a 3-4 days trip with your girls to these not-so-far away places brings about a refreshing change. While Bali and these islands in Thailand are for pure relaxation and chilling, Bangkok, Hongkong and Singapore are for much more, like shopping, partying, gambling (Singapore) and spending a more luxurious time like partying in a yacht or maybe a limo.

What a great idea, this travel kitty- a much needed change from the monotony, a break from the domesticity and an excuse to explore new places. What’s not to love? After all, why should boys have all the fun!