Hollywood movies South East Asia: 7 Bucket List Things You Can’t Afford To Miss
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South East Asia: 7 Bucket List Things You Can’t Afford To Miss


jyoti kumari

Lapping number of countries with world’s one of the oldest human civilizations, mystical empires, culinary cuisines, religions and the new bowl of emerging super tech power of the world, South East Asia( SEA) is a wonder inn itself where tremendous experiences, thrills, mysteries and adventures waits open heartedly to give the visitors a reason to live and explore.

Herein we have picked 7 bucket list things to do in SEA so that you don’t miss a single best of best experiences of this mind blowing region of the world.

1. Standing In Front Of Petronas Towers, Malaysia

Known for its astonishing architectural design and sky touching height, the Petronas Towers more fondly called as the Twin Towers is landmark of the travel land Malaysia. It is impossible to miss clicking selfies before the Twin Towers in a glittery jaw dropping night life of Malaysia.

2. Hiking In Sapa, Vietnam

Well who’s the voracious traveller not fascinated by hiking in the pure wild encountering the best of nature in the most thrilling adventure? Vietnam has several bucket lists to offer its visitors but unarguably its quite popular town Sapa is a paradise for hikers which are set with vast lush green rice fields, plunging valleys and hill tribes in their most original forms as well as lovely French colonial villas.

3. Selfies Before The Merlion Fountain, Singapore

Unarguably one bucket list thing one can’t afford to miss is visiting the Singapore landmark icon the Merlion Fountain located in Merlion Park, One Fullerton, which lures some 1 million tourists per year and is packed with visitors round the clock all days.

4. Temple Excursion In Bangkok, Thailand

Fill in your Instagram account with the gorgeous and mind soothing snaps at popular temple destinations such as Wat Pho, Wat Saket and Wat Arun etc. I am damn sure if you are going to visit these abode of god, monks and meditation, your are sure to feel in a sense of relaxation and lightness as if the whole burden of world miseries has faded away from your life.

5. Catching the illuminating e-tree, Singapore

The another fascinating bucket list thing to do in Singapore is rushing to Gardens By The Bay known for its illuminating e-super trees which is really more than a fantasy turning true. If you are fascinated by the glittering LEDs and night shows, it is thing to do in Singapore. Here you could take a stroll above 22 meter high OCBC skyway connecting the two of the trees.

6. Lao Noodle Soup, Laos

Well South East Asia is the paradise for the food lovers. Laos, the lesser known touring destination in the south east, has this top notched noodle dish for its visitors which is often served with the chilli oil, lemon juice, long beans and holy basil among others is mouth watering dish that every visiting buddy must try. Beside this it has picturesque terrain, sun kissing beaches and cultural landmarks. In the to do list include several exotic and thrilling hang outs including the Kuang Si waterfalls, Buddha Park, Pak Ou’s Caves, Tat Kuang bear rescue centre and a several more in the list.

7. Sun Set At Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Last but certainly the most fascinating one are the temples of Angkor Wat that would surprise you in a lot ways. The kind of architecture, energy and Buddhist monks give this place a feel of supreme atmosphere. And above all the sun set behind the ancient temples built in the times of the lost Khmer Empire is feel of another world on this earth!