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Top 10 Must Visiting Destinations IN CUBA



Stretching the Caribbean Islands at just 100 miles away from the US’s Florida is the small island country Cuba which is famous for its sandy beaches, turquoise waters, colonial era architecture, legendary cigars and few of the authentic rum distilleries. These attractions make lure not just people from nearby lands but throughout the globe and moreover the astonishing freedom stories and sagas that goes with Cuban’s heroes Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Here are top 10 must visiting spots of the country.

1. Varadora

Varadora earns the tag of Cuba’s most beautiful beach town stretching across the narrow Peninsula de Hicacos. With more than 50 hotel, spa complexes and resort line with turquoise waters, sandy beaches and palm tree shade all around make it a luring destination for the tourists around the globe.

Major attractions includes the Parque Natural Punta Hicacos, a beautiful nature reserve , Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de Musulmanes, the ancient burial caves and a popular diving and snorkeling area called the Cayo Piedra Underwater Park.

2. Santa Clara

Popularly known as the university city of Cuba, the city of Santa Clara is the seat of Cuba’s struggling history and flourishing modern life. It is the same city where the famous Guerrilla battle was fought by the legendary Cuban all time hero and revolutionary Che Guevara.

If you wish to pay tribute to this legendary hero then there situated is his grand museum monument where was laid to rest.

3. Baracoa

A feel of complete tranquility amidst the lap of fountains, sea water and greenery capped mountains is about Baracoa. Moreover the charm of colonial architecture, neat and clean streets further adds to the beauty of this city. Here the tourists may enjoy the best of best experiences like hiking over the UNESCO declared hillside the EI Yunque thrived variety of flaura and fauna, visit to the Museo Municipal located inside the Fuerte Matachin fortress.

4. Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, the capital of Cuba’s southeastern Santiago de Cuba province, in Cuba is famous for its colonial architecture and rich history of its own. The most famous touring destinations here includes the Castillo de San Pedro, a 17th century sea side fortress built to ward of f pirates, Bocano- a park with dinos sculptures and the tropical forest Turquino National Park.

 5. Parque Nacional Vinales

The next in the list is Parque Nacional Vinales which is for all those tourists who wish to enjoy the verdant valley, steep and low hills with a picturesque experience and vast green agriculture areas. It is great spot in Cuba for outdoor hiking and horse riding experience.

6. Cayo Coco

It’s a tropical island in Central Cuba and a part of King’s Garden which is dotted with numerous all fine resorts and the sun splashed beaches. Moreover besides its beaches, the lagoons and marshes are also the prime attractions that are home to large number of birds including the flamingos.

7. Cienaga de Zapata

A treasure destination for the birds and nature lovers as it’s a remotely and less populated area of Cuba where the nature is undisturbed by human activities. Its’ home to Gran Parque Natural de Montemar, a natural animals habitat, the International bird Sanctuary and a nearby Treasure Lake (Laguna del Tesoro) and a lot more.

8. Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo del Sur or just Cayo largo is a small resort island mainland of Cuba. It is no doubt a treasure for peace seeking beach lovers . Here the most popular beach is Playa Sirena which is perfect destination for activities like sun bathing, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. And the best experience here one could get is getting a chance to hatch the turtle’s eggs at the here located hatchery.

9. Cienfuegos

Founded by the French; this city possesses unique French atmosphere rather Spanish in the entire Cuba. It offers tourists the beautiful mid century architecture and popularly known as ‘Pearl Of Southern Cuba’.

10. Havana

The capital of Cuba and virtually the major port and transport hub and the commercial centre of Cuba. This is definitely the city every visitor to Cuba will pass the time at least once. So when you are in Havana, do explore the city cosmopolitan lifestyle, shopping and engaging with local people smoking the legendary Cuban’s cigars.