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Top 10 Places To Celebrate Diwali In India.


Vishal Aaditya Kundu


Diwali is here, and if you are wondering which places are the best to celebrate the festival of lights, we have the list for you. Every religion, caste and community in the country gets together for Diwali.

Diwali is celebrated in a whole all around the country. All of India gets together to celebrate the festival.

So, which are the best places where Diwali is celebrated the grand way? Here's our list. These are the top 10 places in India where Diwali is celebrated in a grand way.

1. Jaipur
The capital city of Rajasthan is where you can spend one of the best Diwalis in the country. The city has its own charm and during Diwali you get to see the whole city ramping up in glowing lights and lamps.

2. Delhi
The Indian capital celebrates Diwali like no other. All the buildings, streets and homes are illuminated and you get to see this beautiful Delhi during these few days of Diwali.  


3. Amritsar
From the beautifully illuminated Golden Temple to the whole city, Amritsar is one of the few places to celebrate Diwali at its best. The city and people get together to celebrate it to its best possible way.

4. Varanasi

The spiritual city of Varanasi is somewhere you should spend your Diwali for at least once in your life. The city celebrates the festival of Diwali in a very holy manner among the fireworks and innumerable diyas along the riverside.

5. Kolkata
Slightly different compared to the other cities, Diwali in Kolkata includes Kali Pujo, the celebration of the goddess Kali and pandal hopping. You will get to see the entire city is lights, candles and diyas.

6. Goa
At the famous Goa, Diwali is different. The state celebrates Diwali with the destruction of demon Narakasura by Lord Krishna. Every village takes part in several competitions with huge effigies of the demon and they burn it on Narakasura Chaturdashi, day before Diwali.


7. Udaipur

Another city from Rajasthan, the City of Lakes, Udaipur is where you can celebrate one of the best Diwalis. The city is dressed in diyas and colourful lights, and you can do a lot during these days. Its best to enjoy from Karni Mata temple or be at Lake Pichola.

8. Purushwadi

Famous for its quietness during Diwali, Purushwadi in Maharashtra is famous for its street fairs and firecrackers. Located along the Mumbai-Nashik highway, the Diwali consists of traditional songs, oil lamps, Rangolis and much more.

9. Mumbai
The financial capital knows how to celebrate Diwali in its own way. The whole city gets dressed in lights and lamps, and the whole of Mumbai glows loud among crackers and diyas in the night of Diwali.

10. Gujarat
If you want to spend a very pleasant and quiet Diwali, the rurals parts of Gujarat should be your option on the list. The distant village in Dangs, have these local tribes celebrating Diwali in their own way. From lamps to songs to rangolis to some great vegetarian food, this should be your option.