Hollywood movies Why Should Couple Go For Honey Moon Trip Every Year??
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Why Should Couple Go For Honey Moon Trip Every Year??


Rahul Rawat

Ask most of the couples how many times they have been for Honey Moon; probably most of them would reply one time or two.  ‘Honey Moon Trip’ is not just trip for kids planning each time rather it could be the best way to celebrate your ever romantic and happier married life. Ever thought about the growing cases of married life divorces and why do relationships break so early? The answer being absence of love and care for each other.

Well, with lot more busy corporate life; the couples may find it hard to devote considerable time to partner that actually paves ways to misunderstandings and charm less life. Here is as to why a young couple should make frequent honey moon trips for the long happier and ‘Ever Charmed Married Life’.

1. Honey Moon Trip: A Romance Filled Trip Meant For Only Two

Well, Honey Moon is not just a trip meant for sexual mating with your partner, kids planning rather it’s a trip to explore and discover each one better, tastes and the person inside to unite two together. Truly, your honey moon is a lifelong affair where only you with your partner roam freely in a new land with hands in hands; none family member to be shy of.

2. Spending More Time Together

With honey moon every year, the couple gets the way to spend more quality time together. This happens in a married life that a husband and wife get alienated day by day on account of busy corporate life paving way to misunderstandings between couple. Hence, going for a honey trip once a year could be the best way to spend quality time and staying together alone for couple.

3. Boosting Your Relationship & Married Life

So that your relationship couldn’t turn rough with the passing years; it’s advisable for the couple to fly once a year to re-energise and reboot your relationship. Believe, sexual dissatisfaction is one of the key causes of couple’s divorce.

4. Building Some Life-Long Memories

Almost every far trip has some amazing stories and things to happen with the individuals on trip. Your honey moon trip, being the romantic and erotic one, could definitely fetch some funny or special events to remember and share those lifelong together.

5. Second Child, Second Affair

Fine, when the first child grows upto at least 3 year, it is right time for the couple to plan for the second child and go for the next honey moon. This would give you the second charm and new dimension of becoming the more spirited and young parents of next child.

 6. Pleasing Relationship, Denying Divorce

The big fruitful outcome of frequent honey moon trips is the smoothing of your relationship. You two enjoy the quality together pleasing and loving each other. Love is the basis of any relationship; if you are cautious enough to live life together forever you two must often make trips for complete peace and privacy to never let arise divorce issue between you.

Why Should You & Your Wife Go Alone?

Well, we are not saying you should just ignore your kids, after all kids being your life and dreams, and keep them at home every time you make trip. Instead do plan tours often with your kids, give them exposure to new land, educate them through travelling etc but really making honey moon trips every year as long as you are in your prime with your wife only is the most secretive way to keep your married life alive, pleasing and happy.