Hollywood movies Where to Get the Best Brewed BEER in India? The Best Rated Microbreweries.
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Where to Get the Best Brewed BEER in India? The Best Rated Microbreweries.


Vishal Aaditya Kundu

 Someone said, “You can’t buy Happiness, so God made Beer”. Well said.

 After a hectic day at work, one beer at the end would make this life worth. Good Beer is always important. Bottled beer can’t match up to that magic what some freshly brewed beer can. The taste is an unique blend which brings in some distinctive flavours that no other packaged beer can bring onto.

So for all the Brewed Beer lovers, here are the top notch microbreweries in the country, where you should at least visit once in your lifetime.



Soi 7 Pub & Brewery, Gurgaon
Some good brewed beer with an awesome ambience on the rooftop. What a better combination you would need? They even have options for live performances as well.

Pocket Pinch - Rs. 305 (for a pint)



Toit, Bangalore
With a wide range of variety of the options of the brewed Beers and some great options for the munchies and appetizers at Toit, this place is a heaven for the lovers of Beer.


Pocket Pinch - Rs. 410 (for a pint)



7 Degree Brauhaus, Gurgaon
Considered among of the best in Gurgaon, this place is famous for their classic Bavarian beer. With options for 4 flavours range, starting from the light to dark, they have an awesome ambience.


Pocket Pinch - Rs. 425 (for a pint)



Gateway Brewing Co, Mumbai
The Gateway Brewing Co is famous to serve some of the finest brewed beer in the city. Starting from some awesome flavours of the Irish to German to English flavours of beer, they do it like a king at the heart of the city.


Pocket Pinch - Rs. 360 (for a pint)