Hollywood movies Grab Superb Rapper BOHEMIA’S Getups & More- The ‘KING OF PUNJABI RAPS’ Is Here!!
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Grab Superb Rapper BOHEMIA’S Getups & More- The ‘KING OF PUNJABI RAPS’ Is Here!!

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Presenting an American-Pakistani star who is revered as the first ever Punjabi superb rapper, song writer and composer Roger David better known by his stage name Bohemia, a big name in Punjabi Raps.  Bohemia who released his first debut album ‘Vich Pardesan Da’ (2002) which reached to the top 10 list. And later ‘Da Rap Star’ which went straight to achieve four nominations at UK musician Awards and PTC Awards.  After touring and rocking people across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia; Bohemia started appearing at several Universal India’s compilation just to remind you in Khiladi Akshay Kumar’s movies and also performed as the first rapper at Coke Studio fifth session thereby performing three mind blowing tracks School Di Kitab, Paisa Da Nasha and Kandyaari Dhol Geet. Since 2014 he is continuing pleasing rap lovers under his own music label ‘Kali Denali’ and independently.
 But is it his just singing that makes him a much inspiring icon among his fans?? No his signature style too – The French Cut with Hooded T-shirt. So, today let’s look out & Go star rapper Bohemia‘s hairstyle way!!

1. His Signature Style- French Cut With Cool Hooded T-Shirt!

This signature style of superb rapper Bohemia is an absolute rapper look- Perfect and More Outlaw. This hairstyle is a perfect cool rapper and outlaw look with his French cut and his cool hooded T-shirt- All Perfect To Speak Of His Superb Rapper Getup.


2. Very Short Hair
This one of his look with the short hair is more carefree look and a true complement to his tall physique. Are you going to embrace this look??


3.  Fade French cut

This one of his look is genuinely something that would surely be perfect for the more sporty look.  Truly this look speaks of more energy and more rebel.

 Bohemia’s Personal Details

# Birth Place- Karachi, Pakistan but later shifted in California, USA
#Genres- Desi Hip Hop and Rap
#Labels- Universal Music Group, Associated acts with Akshay Kumar, Bally Sagoo, Malkit Singh, and Snoop Dog among others.

Bohemia’s Albums

2002- Vich Pardesian De
2006- Paisa Nasha Pyar (Universal Music Group)
2009- Da Rap Star (Univ. Music Award and awarded 4 times Int’l Music Award)

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We, SWG, wish Bohemia, the king of Punjabi Raps and revered as the original creater of Punjabi Raps, all the very best for his future feats and wish more hits from Bohemia- Flout The Traditional More!!!